How To do a Braid Out on Transition Hair

Braid outs are great transition styles as it help to blend both texture of your hair . Braid out not only blend your two texture but also keep your hair stretch that reduce single strands knots .

 This is How I do my Braids Out on my transition hair .

Braid Out Result and definition

Products I used are the same as the ones I have always used

What you will need :
Leave in conditioner
Natural Oil
Spray Bottle  (optional )

Whenever I am doing my Braid Out I rather do it on freshly wash hair , if not I would used my spray bottle with plain water to damp my hair by section . I dont recommend doing braid out on dry hair if you really want definition that can last for days .

I then apply my leave in conditioner  ( Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch)  sometimes I would used my rinse out moisturizing conditioner . I apply this per braid .

I then apply my moisturizer , it could be water based are oil based . In this photo I am using my Oil based moisturizer ( Patine Oil moisturizer , Relax and Natural )  have been using that for the pass couple months and I will continue to its a staple for me  . You can used a moisturizer of your choosing .  Apply per braid .

Now the oil will seal my hair , then I braid that section . I used whatever natural oil I have at the time , could be , Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Virgin/Pure Coconut Oil , Vatika Oil ,  Carrot Oil, whatever you have  .

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