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Transition Pics update

These were taken this month ( webcam)  , sometimes last week . I am almost at the 3 years mark , ill attempt to flat iron my hair sometime next month . 

Transition 35 month

You can check out my other transition posts  because I will soon be fully natural and the new journey will begins :) . 

First flat iron failed

Since I started my transition I have never flat iron my hair .So my hair was ore unruly than I though lol.  This is what I did :

I wash my hair
I then let it air dry until it was aleast 70%
I used olive oil as my heat protectant

This ia a real bad quality webcam picture .

Valentine's Day Inspired Bantu Knot Out Curly Hairstyle

This Bantu Knot Out is done on my transition hair . Great Valentine hairstyles , soft bouncy curls .
I did not used any form of heat
Bantu Knot Out 

Step One
I wash my hair , I like doing styles on freshly wash hair

Step Two
Apply my leave in conditioner on all my hair at once

Then start parting my hair according to the size of knot I am going to make , apply moisturizer then add my essential oil .

Step Three
Begin to Make my Bantu Knots , I twist and then rap it around , repeat the process until your finish.

Step Four
Leave  hair and let it air dry , If done early and you get a lot of sun may be fully dry by bedtime or slightly damp . At this stage its your preference to used a hooded dryer are just sleep  I would rather just sleep on it .

Step Five
Next day  , take down the knots and style according

Note : I rather to make large Knots except for the two at the font of my head . Over all I may have 12 knots 6 on both sides . This last me up to 5 days without redoing at night  but as the day progress it hang more if you  like more length . 

If you have a more frizzy texture are too much shrinkage, you could blow dry before starting the knot are you could used styling gel/styling mousse for better result .

If you want more hold you can also used gel or mousse . I live in the tropics so I dont need those for this style. 

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Cornrow Styles for Black Female

Alicia Keys is one of the celebrity that love cornrow hairstyle , she wear some of the most creative cornrows  . Cornrows are very common  hairstyles in Afro texture hair because they keep the hair out your face and in place .  

These styles are also nice if you are thinking of going natural , they can really help with your transition process . Also some of these can be used as protective styles/low manipulation .

Alicia Keys Braided Hairstyles

How To do a Braid Out on Transition Hair

Braid outs are great transition styles as it help to blend both texture of your hair . Braid out not only blend your two texture but also keep your hair stretch that reduce single strands knots .

 This is How I do my Braids Out on my transition hair .

Braid Out Result and definition

Products I used are the same as the ones I have always used

What you will need :
Leave in conditioner
Natural Oil
Spray Bottle  (optional )

Whenever I am doing my Braid Out I rather do it on freshly wash hair , if not I would used my spray bottle with plain water to damp my hair by section . I dont recommend doing braid out on dry hair if you really want definition that can last for days .

I then apply my leave in conditioner  ( Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch)  sometimes I would used my rinse out moisturizing conditioner . I apply this per braid .

I then apply my moisturizer , it could be water based are oil based . In this photo I am using my Oil based moisturizer ( Patine Oil moisturizer , Relax and Natural )  have been using that for the pass couple months and I will continue to its a staple for me  . You can used a moisturizer of your choosing .  Apply per braid .

Now the oil will seal my hair , then I braid that section . I used whatever natural oil I have at the time , could be , Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Virgin/Pure Coconut Oil , Vatika Oil ,  Carrot Oil, whatever you have  .

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Transition Hairstyles

During my transition process I have done numbers of  transition hair style , this help to blend my two texture .
My staple Transition hair style is Chignons , since its similar to my pony tail styles.

Classic Buns
Buns can also be elegant but ditch the scrunches . Also keep your hair off your shoulder especially in those hot summer days .

This is very elegant and fashionable , you mush have long are semi-long hair to do this style . This style  keep your hair off your shoulder as well . 

Wet Sets
Helps to blend the root of your natural texture with your relax ends.

Flat Twist
These are similar to to cornrow , These style make nice protective style if your concern about your ends . 

Twist out 
This is exactly out it sounds , you twist your hair and after a while you pull it out

Braid out 
Similar to twist out , the difference is you use three strands of hair .

Bantu knots
This also help to blend your texture and give you a smooth curly finish . 

Straw sets
This also is beautiful but it can take a real long time , too much time for some of us lifestyle . 

Blow outs/ flat iron
Be sure to used heat protection when attempting heat styles 

Weave /Extensions
Some people find it easier to not deal with their natural texture every day . This would be a good choice for such people . 

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