Transition Hairstyles

During my transition process I have done numbers of  transition hair style , this help to blend my two texture .
My staple Transition hair style is Chignons , since its similar to my pony tail styles.

Classic Buns
Buns can also be elegant but ditch the scrunches . Also keep your hair off your shoulder especially in those hot summer days .

This is very elegant and fashionable , you mush have long are semi-long hair to do this style . This style  keep your hair off your shoulder as well . 

Wet Sets
Helps to blend the root of your natural texture with your relax ends.

Flat Twist
These are similar to to cornrow , These style make nice protective style if your concern about your ends . 

Twist out 
This is exactly out it sounds , you twist your hair and after a while you pull it out

Braid out 
Similar to twist out , the difference is you use three strands of hair .

Bantu knots
This also help to blend your texture and give you a smooth curly finish . 

Straw sets
This also is beautiful but it can take a real long time , too much time for some of us lifestyle . 

Blow outs/ flat iron
Be sure to used heat protection when attempting heat styles 

Weave /Extensions
Some people find it easier to not deal with their natural texture every day . This would be a good choice for such people . 

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  1. I have been doing single braids with my natural hair to transition. I find it very protective. I have that post coming soon. Thanks this was helpful!

    1. Ill add that to my list or maybe over to protective style . Let me know when you post is up so I can check it out .


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