Two Home Remedy for hair Shedding

This is actually about one solution but two different methods . I previously wrote about this on my bubblews blog read here .

Adding garlic to your deep conditioner . This will help to reduce excess shedding .

Crush couple cubes of garlic or you can add garlic powder . You can pour the conditioner you plan on using for this treatment in a separate container then add your garlic powder .

You can do this treatment over night , meaning letting it sit on your head with plastic shower cap for the night or in the morning for couple hours .

Rinse the garlic conditioner from your hair and then wash away scent with mild shampoo .

Now conditioner your hair with your regular shampoo .

Follow this treatment for couple days and you will have your result in no time .

If you have a bald spot rub cut garlic right on it twice a day until it show improvement .

Garlic can prevent or reduce hair loss by providing nourishment to the hair follicles which may be blocked by DHT and sometimes killing germs that may have infect the scalp .

Here is option two 

Making garlic oil

This is done by also cutting the garlic in cubes and place them in a glass container with top , add your virgin olive oil to the garlic cubes .

Leave this for up to 2 days before adding to your scalp .

Garlic powder can also be used in the same way .

Do this every other night and rinse your hair with conditioner the next day to get rid of the scent . Although the scent wont be as strong because its mix with olive oil .

Do this for two weeks nightly or every other night before bed and you will see instant improvement .

Note : Garlic will not cure all hair loss . ..

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  1. Home remedy for shedding hairs can help and have no site-effects
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  2. thanks for sharing this info...really a nice post
    1)herbal products like amla, sikaikai, lemon stops hair fall naturally.
    2)heat the coconut oil and apply oil with mild temperature on scalp, massage for 5 min, it promotes hair growth.
    3)apply the liquid from onion on bald head regularly, it promote hair growth in bald head.
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  3. Herbs and herbal products are always considered as a good way to care hairs, but I usually try use organic shampoo or products that contains natural ingredients, but some of them also contain some harmful synthetic chemicals that may danger for your hair's health. so, before using any product we need to read carefully label and if you find any harmful ingredient in your selected hair care products, should avoid to use it.

    1. Samuel that is true , some hair product contain harsh chemical , organic is always a safer route and we should read labels and research on some products before using them .

  4. Brilliant article. Yes these are the best home remedies for hair loss. I had used egg with the mustard oil for the smooth and hair growth. But I do not know that the garlic oil is used for hair loss. How we can use the garlic oil for hair loss? Could you please share the recipe with us so we will also take the advantage of it? Really I am very impressed with your article and the article shared below also very informative.
    In this article there few more home remedy or treatment for hair loss which are really effective. If someone has more information about hair loss and other home made recipe please share that with us. Thanks for sharing.


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