How fast does hair grow

How fast does hair grow ?
How fast does hair grow

Hair grow on a average of 0.5 inches per month , some will say their hair may grow more than even 2 inch a month but that is highly impossible . A lot of people get caught up in the hype and mislead others  about how many inch they grow in a week time . Hair growth can change with age , it may start to grow slower and that is when supplement may become your best salutation to bring your hair to the right amount of 0.5 inc per
month , but it will may not bring it over the average amount  .So with that the average human growth rate is 6 inches per year however this is statistic not hard fact that everyone hair grow at the same rate . I think my hair maybe grow 0.2 inches extra during the summer , that making a total of 0.7 inch during each summer month . 

Hair shedding is a normal sign that your scalp is healthy , however if you experience excess shedding this should be consider as hair loss and you should seek professional help .  The average person shed 50 - 100 strands per day . shedding is different from breakage , shed hair will have a small withe bulb at the bottom like seen on the image below . 

Whenever your hair shed it simple means that hair as come to its final stage and a new one will be growing in its place . 

Can supplement increase your hair growth ? 

Studies have shown that supplement will not increase the growth of your hair if your already eating healthy and your hair is growing at the right rate however for people with extreme starvation yes supplement will show increase in their hair growth  . ( I am not a doctor) 

If your desire is to have a healthy head of hair just care for your hair and used more natural/ organic products , avoid chemicals . The most important part of having healthy hair is having an healthy body , so practice eating healthier at least 80% of the time . 

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  1. I think my hair grows less than half an inch per month. By the way do you have two blogs?

    1. I do have two blog . Personally I only check mine once a year because it seems to grow less in some months but increase in summer that may be the case with you as well .

  2. Mine grows 1/2 an inch per month, but at times, I get about 3/4 an inch. I have never been able to get an inch per month. I hate it when people try and say their hair grew 2 inches a month to mislead people or sell a product. It just isn't true, which is why people must do their own research. Great post!

  3. I also never got an inch per month . I made this post after seeing a pharmacy ad offering a miracle pill that will get you long hair over night .

    I agree people should do their own research

  4. very nice and interesting!, thanks for your sharing! it is beautiful!


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