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Wig as protective styling

I am not a fan of wigs I have worn it maybe twice and only for 3 weeks then get rid of them . I am in search of a wig at this time because I am planning on being really busy this summer and I wont have a lot of time to do hairstyle daily .

Whoever have curly hair knows how it is to get up each day and style your hair , most of my hairstyles are planned the night before :P . I have my eyes on these two here , if you have any good recommendation let me know in the comment . I am not good at this , this will be my first time picking out a wig for myself , the other times I had worn a wig I was in high school and my mother got it made for me .

Wigs are not just great looking but are great for protective styling .

The Curly one looks so beautiful and more of a natural look for girls who has natural curly hair . I love curly hair because of the wide versatility . So this hair above is my first choice in choosing something that looks natural but will give my natural hair some relax time as I become active this up coming summer . 
My Second option is this super silk straight hair right here . This looks amazing on this girl and makes me want to buy it now . Also both wigs are full lace thats is something I am happy about , these two in the pic is also human hair . 

When Choosing I could used synthetic hair lace wig that looks natural since I do not plan on making this a full time regimen , just for 8 weeks . I do know how to take care of wigs properly so I can keep human or synthetic hair maintain . So thats not a factor in what I am choosing , just need it to loo natural , great and lace front of fully lace . 

Also Everyone will be surprise to see me looking completely different since I almost ever wear any kind of false hair . I think they will all likes it because I am the type who will wear like the same hair style forever . I have like only 4 natural hairstyles I can do lol. So will be  a pleasant change . 

Curly Fall and Winter product must have 2015

This post is geared toward woman with naturally curly hair 3A-4C hair texture but all the products can used for all hair type . Winter normally comes with lots of  shedding and dryness so this is the tie where you want to give your curly hair that extra TLC.

Hair Reconstruction 

ApHogee Intensive Two Minute Keratin Reconstructor 

ApHogee Intensive Two Minute Keratin Reconstructor  this product is one of my favorite products and I have mention on other post how good this really is . This will bring back your hair to life , can be used on natural or relaxed hair . 

Hayashi System 911 Emergency Pak this is another treatment that will give your hair that elasticity , shine and silkiness it may have lost . So if you have over process curly hair from color this is a great product to try out his fall and winter  . Also this is a bit weightless on the hair . 

For my third Hair Reconstructive have will be Nexxus Polymedic Emergency Reconstructor

Nexxus Polymedic Emergency ReconstructorA lot of people are familiar with this one and for good reasons  , its also one of my favorites . has amino acids and collagen that helps repair damage hair . Put life back into dead brittle hair  . 

So there goes my winter must have protein treatment list . I will continue this must have until December or until I cover all the products I need to cover for the winter 2015 so keep checking back . 

Kinky curly knot today Leave In Conditioner/Detangler

I have finally tried the Kinky Curly Knot-Today  Leave In Conditioner/Detangler  after not caring for my hair for some weeks now ( awww ) . I wash my hair and notice I was getting knots and I have not gotten those in so long but I knew I was not doing what I should be doing for some time because of busy schedules  . So I decided to give this detangler  a try after hearing so much about it .

My Experience 

First time I used I was not very impress maybe because of the rave . On my second co-wash day I used again and this time I have better result , My hair was moisturized and had little to no resistance when being detangle and I have super curly hair  . My hair feel rejuvenated and back to its old self . 

TRESemme Smooth and Silky Anti-Frizz Secret Cream

This little product here , I like so much , not love but like. It really does work on frizz , making your hair much more silky the only downside is the smell , I dont like so much  also  if your looking something more natural this would not be the one for you . There are other products out there that can give you better or equal result but this one is not bad and its worth a try . It also claimed to  keeps your hair ultra-smooth for up to five washes . I have not washed my hair 5 times yet so cant say for sure . If you have tried this you can leave a comment below letting me know your result . 

Image is not mine 

Stretch your curls without heat

Stretching natural hair will reduce not only shrinkage , tangle and breakage . Stretching your curls will be a important part of your routine if you want to retain length . These method will not fully straighten your hair but it will elongate it . 

Braidout / Twist out 
My number one method, to stretch my hair is to do like a braidout / twist out . This will reduce your shrinkage that comes with curly/ kinky hair . This method is more like giving you a curly define finish without the shrinkage . I like this also because I have no tangles and it blend my two texture together .

How fast does hair grow

How fast does hair grow ?
How fast does hair grow

Hair grow on a average of 0.5 inches per month , some will say their hair may grow more than even 2 inch a month but that is highly impossible . A lot of people get caught up in the hype and mislead others  about how many inch they grow in a week time . Hair growth can change with age , it may start to grow slower and that is when supplement may become your best salutation to bring your hair to the right amount of 0.5 inc per

Maximize your Hair Moisture

 This is for all ladies that want to keep their hair soft and the prevention of dried out brittle hair  .

First step is to identified your hair porosity need then you can choose the right products for your hair current condition . Over time hair may change and product you normally used may not work the same because of the current porosity of your hair . Hair porosity can change from low porosity to high hair porosity depending  .

Steps in applying relaxer to none virgin hair

When applying relaxer to previous relax hair follow these steps .

Things you will need : 
 Relaxer - buy according to your hair type
Applicator brush or rat-tail comb
Gloves to protect your hands
Large towel to cover your shoulder
Neutralizing Shampoo 
Hair oil / Petroleum jelly
Mild protein Deep Conditioner
Deep Moisturizing conditioner 

Step 1
Apply petroleum jelly to scalp , be sure to base your hairline

Step 2

Put on gloves on your hands, put the towel around your shoulder.

Step 3

Mix relaxer if you are using a No-Lye or go straight ahead if you are using  Lye

Step 4

Gentle untangle the hair

Step 5

Section hair in four parts , two in front and two in back .

Step 6

Set timer , start working with each section , make thin parts and apply relaxer start from middle of the strands followed by the roots and the ends, apply 1/2 inch away from scalp  . When finish with each thin section flip it out of the way. Spread relaxer through out your entire hair .

Step 7

Apply relaxer to new growth only  , look at the hair pattern and smooth according to desire . Do not go over the time , this may result in over process that will eventually cause thin hair .

Step 8

Rinse hair with warm water

Step 9 (optional)

Apply Protein treatment , leave on hair for five minutes , this will help restore protein lost during relaxing process .

Step 10

Neutralizing rinse this is the most important step  and should never be skip . Used a neutralizing shampoo with color indicator to be sure you thoroughly rinse relaxer residue out . If you skip this the relaxer will continue to process  the hair and will result in hair loss .

Step 11

Apply moisturizing deep conditioner or regular moisturizing conditioner . Let sit on hair for 5 minutes then rinse out . Pat dry water from the hair and style as desire .

Note : This is Relax application is for virgin hair only . 

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Hair porosity Guide for Newbies

This is a popular topic among naturals , but its not just beneficial to people with natural hair . So I decide to do some research on this topic. 

Knowing how porous your hair is can aid  in choosing the right products for your individual need . Your hair’s porosity is its natural ability to keep/hold moisturized . How easy can the hair absorb water , chemicals and hair products .  

Nutrition and Hair Growth

Our hair is made up of mainly Keratin .  Our over all heath determine the result of our hair , so having a proper nutrition is just as important as healthy hair practice . You may be experiencing stunted hair growth , split ends , breakage and other kind of damage and products just don't seems to be helping . This may be the cause of not getting the right nutrients . You can improve the health of your hair by treating it from inside .

I dont like to do a lot of protein treatment , so I have a rich protein diet  which not only good for your hair but for your over all health . So always remember that hair is made up of protein, so a rich protein diet plays an important role in maintain long healthy shiny hair .

Food that are rich in protein are :

Salmon - These are rich in protein and Vitamin D , both  are key to strong hair . Omega 3 Fatty Acid are found in these fish are what your body needs to grow hair , your body cannot make this on its own . Omega 3 also help to make up your hair shaft , and the natural oil that keep your hair hydrated .

Other options are , Sardine , eggs , cottage cheese , liver , beans , avocado , walnuts . Greek Yogurt.

Walnuts :

As I already mention above , Walnut Consist of Omega-3 Fatty Acid , but is  also rich in Vitamin E, Copper and Biotin . Biotin  plays a big role in hair loss prevention . Other than Walnut , Biotin can be found in food  such as Green peas , Soy Bean , Bulgar . Whenever you making a Salad dressing  you could try using some Walnut Oil .

Iron Rich Food

Too little iron can also contribute to hair loss . You can get Iron from dark Green Leafy Food , dried fruit , Red meat , Egg Yolks  Liver and much more .

A rich diet mean rich health , so if your not a fan of supplemental just continue to eat healthy.  Also you can do a  10-20 minutes work out every now and then to help keep your body fit .

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How to Do a Pre-Poo Treatment

Shampoo is harsh for the hair especially the ones with sulfate . Doing a pre-poo is a great way to prep the hair for the shampooing process , to prevent the hair from becoming too dry .The pre-poo treatment will coat the strands , and act as a protective barrier to stop the shampoo from stripping your hair of all its moisture . This is especially beneficial for Afro texture hair , because this hair type is more fragile than the others . A pre-poo treatment is done with any natural oil , mixture of oil ( Vatika Hair Oil ) ,  conditioner  are combination of natural oil and conditioner .

Things you will need :

A mixing bowl
Natural Oil (option)
Conditioner (option 2)
Shower cap

The Perfect Blow out

Wanting the perfect blow out without damaging your beautiful locks is not always easy and we sometimes make small mistake . Its important to have clean hair when attempting blow out. When your hair is clean it will have more moisture and little product build up, which can cause your hair to feel brittle and dry after a blow out . Try to used proper moisturizing conditioner and better yet deep condition you hair if you have the time and if you have curly hair. To see image of blow out click here to see

Step 1

Wash hair with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner ( you may also used deep conditioner )

Step 3
Detangle hair in section, and clip away

Step 3
Allow your hair to air dry for sometime , at least until its nearly dry , then
Apply heat heat protectant (option 1)

Start blow drying right after detangle , always apply heat protectant . (option 2)

Step 4
Start blow drying in sections , start from the roots and keep hair stretch out . Also at this stage you can used a brush while blow drying your hair such as The Paddle Brush, Round Brushes Examples . Chose the right type brush for your hair type, length ad style you want to achieve . 

When finish blow drying , set the blow dryer to cool settings and quickly go over hair once again  to lay the cuticle down and seal the strands for a smother finish . Your blow out should be perfect .

Tips * Blow out should not be done regularly as you can damage your natural hair , which will result in breakage and dry brittle hair .

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How to Detangle Hair

How to detangle hair Long  and curly hair , they are easier to become tangle and knotted .

1. Always detangle when your hair when wet and slippery with conditioner  . You can also apply the conditioner before    shampooing , and then shampoo your hair and your hair will still remain tangle free . Gentle Comb through your hair with conditioner on it let conditioner sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing out . 

2.Go ahead and apply your leave in conditioner 

3. Gently start detangling  at the ends and work your way up

4. You should finger detangle or used a with a wide-toothed comb . Never used a brush on wet hair this may cause split ends . 

Note * You can also mix essential oil with any of your conditioner such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Extra Virgin Coconut Oiland Argan Oil 

Stop breakage in hair

Some ways to stop breakage in hair ..

The first thing you should do is find out what causing your hair to break in order to stop breakage in hair .

Observe any new product you may have start using lately as well these could be the culprit  , not all product work for every body .

Look at your ends and when you need a trim you trim,   trimming reduces the chance for having dry brittle ends. Trimming regularly also discourage split ends that will traveled straight up to the hair shaft .

Wash hair with moisturizing conditioner and shampoo . Used sulfate free shampoo minimum twice a month if possible one time a month .

If your chemical relax , be sure to neutralized your hair after each relaxer application . Used a neutralizer shampoo and wash clean.

Never relax before 6-10 weeks post , overlapping chemical will cause over processing which result it hair being damage and breakage . 

Used wide-tooth comb and soft bristle brush

Never brush wet hair

Keep hair moisturized at all time to avoid hair getting dry and brittle . 

Used less heat , Only used heat when necessary in order to stop hair breakage

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Caring for dry brittle hair

For dry hair

Our hair can be full of moister one day and dry and fragile the next , here are some step in preventing that .

Used a moisturizing shampoo for dry hair example : VO5 moisturizing Shampoo , Creme of Nature, Shampoo, Kenra Moisturizing Shampoo, Elucence Moisture Benefits, Neutrogena Triple Moisture Cream Lather Shampoo, Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo.

Tip : Avoid shampoo with sodium , this tend to strip the hair of its natural oil .

 Moisturizer/Water - Used daily to hydrate dry hair  Example  : Plain water , Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion, S-Curl

Natural Oils are used for sealing in water based moisturizers. Add a light coating of oil to the ends of the hair and work your way up.

Here are some examples: Jamaican Black Castor Oil ,  Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16 fl oz (474 ml) LiquidExtra Virgin Coconut Oil,Jojoba Oil

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