Nutrition and Hair Growth

Our hair is made up of mainly Keratin .  Our over all heath determine the result of our hair , so having a proper nutrition is just as important as healthy hair practice . You may be experiencing stunted hair growth , split ends , breakage and other kind of damage and products just don't seems to be helping . This may be the cause of not getting the right nutrients . You can improve the health of your hair by treating it from inside .

I dont like to do a lot of protein treatment , so I have a rich protein diet  which not only good for your hair but for your over all health . So always remember that hair is made up of protein, so a rich protein diet plays an important role in maintain long healthy shiny hair .

Food that are rich in protein are :

Salmon - These are rich in protein and Vitamin D , both  are key to strong hair . Omega 3 Fatty Acid are found in these fish are what your body needs to grow hair , your body cannot make this on its own . Omega 3 also help to make up your hair shaft , and the natural oil that keep your hair hydrated .

Other options are , Sardine , eggs , cottage cheese , liver , beans , avocado , walnuts . Greek Yogurt.

Walnuts :

As I already mention above , Walnut Consist of Omega-3 Fatty Acid , but is  also rich in Vitamin E, Copper and Biotin . Biotin  plays a big role in hair loss prevention . Other than Walnut , Biotin can be found in food  such as Green peas , Soy Bean , Bulgar . Whenever you making a Salad dressing  you could try using some Walnut Oil .

Iron Rich Food

Too little iron can also contribute to hair loss . You can get Iron from dark Green Leafy Food , dried fruit , Red meat , Egg Yolks  Liver and much more .

A rich diet mean rich health , so if your not a fan of supplemental just continue to eat healthy.  Also you can do a  10-20 minutes work out every now and then to help keep your body fit .

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