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How fast does hair grow

How fast does hair grow ?
How fast does hair grow

Hair grow on a average of 0.5 inches per month , some will say their hair may grow more than even 2 inch a month but that is highly impossible . A lot of people get caught up in the hype and mislead others  about how many inch they grow in a week time . Hair growth can change with age , it may start to grow slower and that is when supplement may become your best salutation to bring your hair to the right amount of 0.5 inc per

Maximize your Hair Moisture

 This is for all ladies that want to keep their hair soft and the prevention of dried out brittle hair  .

First step is to identified your hair porosity need then you can choose the right products for your hair current condition . Over time hair may change and product you normally used may not work the same because of the current porosity of your hair . Hair porosity can change from low porosity to high hair porosity depending  .

Hair porosity Guide for Newbies

This is a popular topic among naturals , but its not just beneficial to people with natural hair . So I decide to do some research on this topic. 

Knowing how porous your hair is can aid  in choosing the right products for your individual need . Your hair’s porosity is its natural ability to keep/hold moisturized . How easy can the hair absorb water , chemicals and hair products .  

Nutrition and Hair Growth

Our hair is made up of mainly Keratin .  Our over all heath determine the result of our hair , so having a proper nutrition is just as important as healthy hair practice . You may be experiencing stunted hair growth , split ends , breakage and other kind of damage and products just don't seems to be helping . This may be the cause of not getting the right nutrients . You can improve the health of your hair by treating it from inside .

I dont like to do a lot of protein treatment , so I have a rich protein diet  which not only good for your hair but for your over all health . So always remember that hair is made up of protein, so a rich protein diet plays an important role in maintain long healthy shiny hair .

Food that are rich in protein are :

Salmon - These are rich in protein and Vitamin D , both  are key to strong hair . Omega 3 Fatty Acid are found in these fish are what your body needs to grow hair , your body cannot make this on its own . Omega 3 also help to make up your hair shaft , and the natural oil that keep your hair hydrated .

Other options are , Sardine , eggs , cottage cheese , liver , beans , avocado , walnuts . Greek Yogurt.

Walnuts :

As I already mention above , Walnut Consist of Omega-3 Fatty Acid , but is  also rich in Vitamin E, Copper and Biotin . Biotin  plays a big role in hair loss prevention . Other than Walnut , Biotin can be found in food  such as Green peas , Soy Bean , Bulgar . Whenever you making a Salad dressing  you could try using some Walnut Oil .

Iron Rich Food

Too little iron can also contribute to hair loss . You can get Iron from dark Green Leafy Food , dried fruit , Red meat , Egg Yolks  Liver and much more .

A rich diet mean rich health , so if your not a fan of supplemental just continue to eat healthy.  Also you can do a  10-20 minutes work out every now and then to help keep your body fit .

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The Perfect Blow out

Wanting the perfect blow out without damaging your beautiful locks is not always easy and we sometimes make small mistake . Its important to have clean hair when attempting blow out. When your hair is clean it will have more moisture and little product build up, which can cause your hair to feel brittle and dry after a blow out . Try to used proper moisturizing conditioner and better yet deep condition you hair if you have the time and if you have curly hair. To see image of blow out click here to see

Step 1

Wash hair with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner ( you may also used deep conditioner )

Step 3
Detangle hair in section, and clip away

Step 3
Allow your hair to air dry for sometime , at least until its nearly dry , then
Apply heat heat protectant (option 1)

Start blow drying right after detangle , always apply heat protectant . (option 2)

Step 4
Start blow drying in sections , start from the roots and keep hair stretch out . Also at this stage you can used a brush while blow drying your hair such as The Paddle Brush, Round Brushes Examples . Chose the right type brush for your hair type, length ad style you want to achieve . 

When finish blow drying , set the blow dryer to cool settings and quickly go over hair once again  to lay the cuticle down and seal the strands for a smother finish . Your blow out should be perfect .

Tips * Blow out should not be done regularly as you can damage your natural hair , which will result in breakage and dry brittle hair .

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