Hair porosity Guide for Newbies

This is a popular topic among naturals , but its not just beneficial to people with natural hair . So I decide to do some research on this topic. 

Knowing how porous your hair is can aid  in choosing the right products for your individual need . Your hair’s porosity is its natural ability to keep/hold moisturized . How easy can the hair absorb water , chemicals and hair products .  

Low porosity

Low porosity hair tend to be shiny , look healthier , initially repels water , has flat cuticles  it is also difficult to be chemically process. Its difficult for anything to enter are leave these hair shaft . This is why you may experience product over load . You may notice this when you do protein treatment too regular , you hair become dry/hard because your hair is low porous too much protein may be on it and its alrady pack with protein inside. 

Normal/Medium Porosity

Medium porosity hair looks shiny , healthy , and most time it has predictable result to chemicals process . This would be the best type of hair since it allow normal amount of moisture to enter and to leave the hair . Is this hair type become damage then it will become more porous 

High Porosity 

This type of hair is common to most blacks if they have a natural dense hair type  it may become crack easier than all other hair types but this can happen to anyone if they dont take care of their hair resulting in it becoming damage . High porous hair tend to look dull , dry , and can even feel course to the touch . High porous can also be the result of over chemical processing , excessive heat damage and just environment effects .  High porous hair needs a lot of TLC to stay moisture because this hair easily looses moisture .  Overly Porous hair cannot be repair but regular protein treatment will help patch the gap in the cuticles so it will be more manageable . Doing the LOC method is essential for this hair type, using heavy cream products and oils or important in high porous regimen  May have to moisturize the hair daily to keep it looking shine and healthy . 

This is more important than knowing your hair type , as you can start using products that work for your hair. 

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