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Product and Regimen idea for Normal and High hair porosity

For hair porosity guide  , high hair porosity is cause by extreme damage to the hair . To find out the porosity of your hair , you can do this simple at home hair porosity test  .

Normal porosity,high hair porosity
hair porosity

Hair porosity test

To have an idea whats you hair porosity test you can do the simple float or sink test ..

Product and Regimen idea for low porosity hair

I have low porosity hair so I do have my little challenge of using the right product and right technique that works for my hair .

They key in your regimen for low porosity hair is to get in and once your in,  it will keep moisture longer than the others .I cannot use protein regularly , my hair will become hard because my hair is already packed with protein, so it will just be sitting on it so I try to do this only when necessary . I do my protein treatment like once or twice a year for maintenance. You can do hard protein treatment every 3 months just don't do it too frequently . 

Hair porosity Guide for Newbies

This is a popular topic among naturals , but its not just beneficial to people with natural hair . So I decide to do some research on this topic. 

Knowing how porous your hair is can aid  in choosing the right products for your individual need . Your hair’s porosity is its natural ability to keep/hold moisturized . How easy can the hair absorb water , chemicals and hair products .