Hair porosity test

To have an idea whats you hair porosity test you can do the simple float or sink test ..

Hair Porosity test must be done on clean hair so the next time you wash your hair (not co-wash) , look for shed hair not the broken hair . When your hair is dry drop it into a glass of water . If your hair is low porosity it will stay at the top of the water for a long time it will float . Most low porosity hair or normally virgin hair in top condition .

Natural/medium porosity hair float somewhere in the middle  . This is normally healthy hair that can easily accept and retain moisture .

If your hair starts to sink right away then its high porosity hair . High porous hair will sink very fast because its normally very damage and all the cuticles are open . High porous hair take in moisture easily and lose it just as fast . So this hair porosity test should determine your hair porosity .

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  1. I have low porosity hair. I posted a discussion asking other ladies how they maintain it. I have been getting some interesting answers

  2. With our hair endless possibility the answers must be interesting lol


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