Product and Regimen idea for low porosity hair

I have low porosity hair so I do have my little challenge of using the right product and right technique that works for my hair .

They key in your regimen for low porosity hair is to get in and once your in,  it will keep moisture longer than the others .I cannot use protein regularly , my hair will become hard because my hair is already packed with protein, so it will just be sitting on it so I try to do this only when necessary . I do my protein treatment like once or twice a year for maintenance. You can do hard protein treatment every 3 months just don't do it too frequently . 

You can use light protein treatment bi-weekly if you desire but don't use a lot of styling products packed with protein. Your hair does not need heavy, frequent protein treatments. 

 I don't use moisturizer every day because my hair will feel greasy if I do that . Water is the best source of moisturizer for low porosity hair ,  as you notice I always apply my moisturizer on co-wash hair or hair spritz with water first because you need all the moisture you can get when you have low porosity hair  . The S-Curls no drip activator is a nice water based moisturizer you can add to your regimen . I also love to use the Pantene Pro-V Relaxed and Natural Cream Moisturizer  though it's an oil moisturizer, I used it on damp hair, it's not only act as a moisturizer but a sealant  , the best of both worlds in my case . 

So for low porosity hair type used light moisturizer of your choice and a light oil like coconut oil for example . You may still use heavier oils such as castor oil (I definitely do) but it may take a while longer to absorb fully into the hair . 

Don't go too long without shampooing as you may develop product buildup. Deep condition with heat will help your hair to rise, to take in the moisture. Indirect heat will benefit your hair when you are doing deep conditioning treatment . 

My regimen for low porosity hair  guide, XOXO :)

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  1. I'm in the process of finding products and building a regimen for my low porosity hair. Thanks for giving me some ideas


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