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How to apply natural henna

When applying natural henna, you should know its really messy and it can take a long time to set .

Things you will need

Pack of Henna mix according to your hair length
Newspaper (or you can apply it in your shower instead)
Plastic wrap
Shower Cap

Some henna hair benefits

Henna is not just like any other hair dye, henna is natural and it can be very messy when applying. Henna will not damage the hair like most dyes, it will coat the hair with keratin as it conditions the hair making it volumust and shine. It has been around forever and it has been used to make hair healthier, shinier and for some woman even thicker.
henna hair benefits
Henna powder

Henna hair Benefits

Henna conditions the hair, using henna on  a regular basis will make your hair stronger and thicker. Henna binds the keratin in the hair that creates a protective layer on the hair strands that protect it from damage. Henna makes an excellent choice when choosing a natural conditioner that will last much longer time than some other hair conditioning products .

Steaming your natural hair without a steamer

Hair steamers helps the hair follicles to receive all the benefits of deep conditioning treatments .You may want to steam your hair  but don't want to run out and get a steamer. Steaming your hair reduce and stop split ends. 

1. Damp your hair

2. Apply your conditioning treatment, olive oil is a good choice but there are many more options.

3. Soak a towel in water then place in a microwave for 2 minutes until warm

4. Place a shower cap over your head 

5. Put towel over head (that is, over the shower cap) 

6. Now place as a second shower cap over the towel.

7. Sit under a hooded dryer for 20-30 minutes 

3 Natural Home Remedies for Dandruff

Always take care of your health , dandruff can be itchy and can become so bad that you will have noticeable white flakes on your black tops .

1.Crush Aspirin - Add to your regular shampoo a few crush Aspirin . The amount of shampoo you would regular used add aspirin and apply to hair . Leave this treatment on the hair for up to 2 minutes . Rinse out well and wash again with regular shampoo , Aspirin free . Continue this treatment as needed .

Product Review : Neutrogena Triple Moisture Recovery Hair Mask

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Recovery Hair Mask Product Review

Product Featured :

Three naturally derived extracts penetrate to help moisturize each layer of the hair strand:
  • Olive:  penetrates to the center
  • Meadowfoam Seed:  helps moisturize the middle
  • Sweet Almond:  wraps the surface
  • It is intensive moisture treatment rescues even the most dehydrated hair strands.
  • Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask rehabilitates extra dry or over-processed hair with intense moisturization.
  • Its weekly treatment is so concentrated, just a small amount is needed for hair to become soft, lustrous and shining in minutes.

10 Protein Deep Condition Treatment

This is a list of 10 Protein Deep Condition Treatment  to help your hair be less porous and the strength it need to fight breakage . Protein treatment may vary in strength , from light , medium and hard . Protein Deep Condition Treatment is important in hair care as well as moisture .

First option you can used in an egg from your kitchen with mayonnaise read more here

Product and Regimen idea for low porosity hair

I have low porosity hair so I do have my little challenge of using the right product and right technique that works for my hair .

They key in your regimen for low porosity hair is to get in and once your in,  it will keep moisture longer than the others .I cannot use protein regularly , my hair will become hard because my hair is already packed with protein, so it will just be sitting on it so I try to do this only when necessary . I do my protein treatment like once or twice a year for maintenance. You can do hard protein treatment every 3 months just don't do it too frequently . 

How to Do a Pre-Poo Treatment

Shampoo is harsh for the hair especially the ones with sulfate . Doing a pre-poo is a great way to prep the hair for the shampooing process , to prevent the hair from becoming too dry .The pre-poo treatment will coat the strands , and act as a protective barrier to stop the shampoo from stripping your hair of all its moisture . This is especially beneficial for Afro texture hair , because this hair type is more fragile than the others . A pre-poo treatment is done with any natural oil , mixture of oil ( Vatika Hair Oil ) ,  conditioner  are combination of natural oil and conditioner .

Things you will need :

A mixing bowl
Natural Oil (option)
Conditioner (option 2)
Shower cap

Hot Oil Treatment

Hot Oil Treatment is just as the name said , hot oil lol ... I was first introduce to hot oil treatment when I was relax ( currently transitioning ) , I would do this treatment on relax days and maybe sometime  I would put it off to two weeks post relax . The brand hot oil treatment I used back then was V05 , I would massage it in my hair and then let it sit for 10 -15 minutes under a hooded dryer with shower cap , sitting under the dryer is optional .

What it does/ Benefits 

Hot oil treatment is for damage are dry hair , damage that result from chemical application such as relaxers, color and also from heat styling tools . This will make the hair more healthy and beautiful . Hot Oil treatment  condition the hair and gives it extra moisture . The hot oil will help repair damaged and weak hair when each strands receive the oil also it will help to prevent breakage , dryness , frizz and it help to give your hair shine .