Hot Oil Treatment

Hot Oil Treatment is just as the name said , hot oil lol ... I was first introduce to hot oil treatment when I was relax ( currently transitioning ) , I would do this treatment on relax days and maybe sometime  I would put it off to two weeks post relax . The brand hot oil treatment I used back then was V05 , I would massage it in my hair and then let it sit for 10 -15 minutes under a hooded dryer with shower cap , sitting under the dryer is optional .

What it does/ Benefits 

Hot oil treatment is for damage are dry hair , damage that result from chemical application such as relaxers, color and also from heat styling tools . This will make the hair more healthy and beautiful . Hot Oil treatment  condition the hair and gives it extra moisture . The hot oil will help repair damaged and weak hair when each strands receive the oil also it will help to prevent breakage , dryness , frizz and it help to give your hair shine . 

You dont need to buy any special package oil to make hot oil treatment , you can make the mix of your favorite oils together  , pour oil blend in heat safe container and

Types of hot oil treatments & Natural Oils

You can purchase hot oil treatment such as VO5 hot oil treatment and other product are available . I think using essential oils are the best , as these are fully natural  . This is done to penetrate the hair strands, used oil that can  penetrate the shaft of the hair  to make it stronger. You can make your own hot oil treatment blend with your  favorites natural Oils. 

Vatika Oil ( I like useing this because its a blend with 8 different herbs)
Virgin/Pure Olive Oil (love)
Virgin/Pure Coconut oil ( love)
Jasmine Oil
Jojoba Oil
Castor Oil ( will try in the future)
Carrot oil ( love it)

Things You Will Need:
Oil Of your choice
Cup Of Hot Water
Plastic Shower Cap 
Towel (Optional)

How to Apply the Hot Oil to The hair 

The bottle of oil is heated by putting the heat safe bottle/container in hot water for an extended period of time. Your hair must be wet , then massage hot oil into scalp be sure to  apply oil thoroughly from roots to ends. Cover hair with shower cap and sit under hooded dryer for 10-15 minutes are leave for up to a hour without heat . 

Rinse hair with running water after treatment is finish , then proceed to shampooing  or conditioning as you would regular do . You can repeat this process once a week or as needed . 

Note: You dont need to do hot oil treatment once a week you can do it when you want/need , look at your hair and see what it wants .

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