How to apply natural henna

When applying natural henna, you should know its really messy and it can take a long time to set .

Things you will need

Pack of Henna mix according to your hair length
Newspaper (or you can apply it in your shower instead)
Plastic wrap
Shower Cap

Step 1

Apply the vaseline on the skin around your hairline and your ears in order to prevent staining your skin.

Step 2

Now put your gloves on and start applying the henna mix . Apply henna mix in small section, apply a thick coat of henna.

Step 3

Start applying from the root to the tip of the hair

Step 4

Now  when finish applying henna dye, wrap your hair with the plastic cap, the place the shower cap over it for extra protection . You can leave henna for up to 24 hours or just overnight, but try not to wash before 6 hours. Natural henna will not damage the hair so you can leave it on your hair for a very long period of time for  a deeper color and condition .

Step 5

Now it's time to wash your hair, it will take  a long time to wash out because the henna will be hard .

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