How to Do a Pre-Poo Treatment

Shampoo is harsh for the hair especially the ones with sulfate . Doing a pre-poo is a great way to prep the hair for the shampooing process , to prevent the hair from becoming too dry .The pre-poo treatment will coat the strands , and act as a protective barrier to stop the shampoo from stripping your hair of all its moisture . This is especially beneficial for Afro texture hair , because this hair type is more fragile than the others . A pre-poo treatment is done with any natural oil , mixture of oil ( Vatika Hair Oil ) ,  conditioner  are combination of natural oil and conditioner .

Things you will need :

A mixing bowl
Natural Oil (option)
Conditioner (option 2)
Shower cap

1. Chose your desire Oil , chose oil based on the benefit you are looking for also , Castor Oil ( Jamaican Black Castor Oil ) is said to make hair thicker , Coconut Oil with condition the hair from inside , Olive Oil add ( Benefits of Olive Oil in Hair ) moisture . A lo of other natural oil you can chose from and condition are make a mixture .

2. Detangle hair completely , separate hair in section and start applying your Oil  / Conditioner to hair , start applying on the ends and make sure you really coat all the strands focus on the ends, your ends need more TLC .

3. Place the shower cap on your head leave treatment on for up to an hour , are over night .

4.When you are finish , rinse your hair and shampoo as usual .

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