Some henna hair benefits

Henna is not just like any other hair dye, henna is natural and it can be very messy when applying. Henna will not damage the hair like most dyes, it will coat the hair with keratin as it conditions the hair making it volumust and shine. It has been around forever and it has been used to make hair healthier, shinier and for some woman even thicker.
henna hair benefits
Henna powder

Henna hair Benefits

Henna conditions the hair, using henna on  a regular basis will make your hair stronger and thicker. Henna binds the keratin in the hair that creates a protective layer on the hair strands that protect it from damage. Henna makes an excellent choice when choosing a natural conditioner that will last much longer time than some other hair conditioning products .

Henna Color the hair, if you want a little higher light henna will do that. The color result varies based on your natural hair color. Henna will not even out your hair color so if your hair was previously highlighted, then it will still have highlights even after henna application. Henna only coats the hair and will not change your natural hair color. If you have black hair you will get a reddish color that may only appear visible in sunlight, brown hair will get a deep brunet look, while blond and gray hair will become orange.  Great for covering up gray, but be mindful that the gray hair may become brighter than the rest of your hair and may even look pinkish .

Henna helps treat dandruff, this is another additional benefit of henna in hair care. Dandruff can be the cause of many different things, but henna help condition the hair that will help reduce scalp irritation and  get rid of dandruff. .

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