Product and Regimen idea for Normal and High hair porosity

For hair porosity guide  , high hair porosity is cause by extreme damage to the hair . To find out the porosity of your hair , you can do this simple at home hair porosity test  .

Normal porosity,high hair porosity
hair porosity

Normal porosity could be classified as the best  because it dont take a lot to get it moisturized and this hair take chemical / product well with a more predictable result than the other hair types. Normal porosity hair is predictable , making it easier to take care of and its normally very healthy .

This hair can become damage if not properly taken care of . Moisturizing product should be an important part of your regimen , Protein  and Oils . You can do protein treatment every two months to keep your hair from becoming damage . If you hair is chemically treated then it is even more necessary to keep up with your protein and moisture balance at least every 6 weeks protein and weekly moisture deep conditioner .

High hair porosity  is the result of extreme damage , and its unfortunate because sometimes after your hair reaches this stage it can never be repair . These are just some method to temporarily fix the problem until you have enough new growth to cut it off. High hair porosity loose moisture just as quickly as it enter , so the goal  is to keep the moisture in .

When dealing with high hair porosity its essential to used protein products , as mention before it may never repair but it can be fix temporary by filling the gap with protein to help it from breaking off or splitting further .
 This hair will have to do the LOC method in order to keep moisture . Moisturized and seal your hair daily with heavy creamy moisturizer ( Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothieand heavy oily products such as Raw Shea Butter . Also getting a Leave in conditioner would be helpful , avoid washing your hair with conditioner and instead co-wash more often . Doing a Apple Cider Vinegar rinse to help close the cuticle .

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