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In the before pic this is not the same day, but that's how my hair looks dry before I put any product on it. I could use only water and it would lay down, but it would not last all day without adding something extra like the castor oil .
after 2 edge lay down
Because I have natural curly hair , the front will be very fuzzy and curly instead of staying flat all day . If you're going for a smooth finish that will last all day you may need to try some hair product .

What I do

In this photo I start out with damping my hairline , smooth it back with a soft brush or fine tooth comb , 
I then my essential oil and finish with the Eco Styler gel (mainly if I don't use a heavy oil like castor oil). I don't use the gel on all my hair just the small section in the front to get those fine hairs to lay down . 

It also helps if you have any form of head band, it helps keep your hair back all day if you don't use a lot of product .

I would rotate between using castor oil or gel . I don't like to use gel all the time and castor oil is a heavy oil that will also keep my hair in place, but if you used it every day your hair will become greasy so it's best to alternate your methods . I also have good result with softer gel such as Aloe Vera , what it seems to do is moisturized ( extra )  my hair and because of that it will lay flat just as well. 

Another popular method to lay down 3 or 4 type hair is tying  your hair with a scarf after adding all your hair products for  at least 30 minutes .Can't say this method work for me personally, but I have seen it work for many others. 

The best part about how I do my hair its soft and shine when finish . The gel won't flake and your hair does not feel hard.

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