Stretch your curls without heat

Stretching natural hair will reduce not only shrinkage , tangle and breakage . Stretching your curls will be a important part of your routine if you want to retain length . These method will not fully straighten your hair but it will elongate it . 

Braidout / Twist out 
My number one method, to stretch my hair is to do like a braidout / twist out . This will reduce your shrinkage that comes with curly/ kinky hair . This method is more like giving you a curly define finish without the shrinkage . I like this also because I have no tangles and it blend my two texture together .

Hair Banding method

This method you will need some seamless hair band or elastic bands . Section your hair in small sections, hold the base of your hair and start banding it with your hair band . Place the second hair band about a inch away from the first on that same section and continue the same method until you reach the end of your hair .

Watch this video for more illustration , I have never tried this one personally but I am looking forward to trying it out .Flexi Rods / CurlFormer

These two styling tools are also a nice way to stretch your hair . These two are also gentle on your hair and can give you a nice stretch without the heat . Your hair should be completely dry before attempting to remove these curlformers or flexi rods to prevent frizz .

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