How to Detangle Hair

How to detangle hair Long  and curly hair , they are easier to become tangle and knotted .

1. Always detangle when your hair when wet and slippery with conditioner  . You can also apply the conditioner before    shampooing , and then shampoo your hair and your hair will still remain tangle free . Gentle Comb through your hair with conditioner on it let conditioner sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing out . 

2.Go ahead and apply your leave in conditioner 

3. Gently start detangling  at the ends and work your way up

4. You should finger detangle or used a with a wide-toothed comb . Never used a brush on wet hair this may cause split ends . 

Note * You can also mix essential oil with any of your conditioner such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Extra Virgin Coconut Oiland Argan Oil 

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