Natural Hair Relaxer: Coconut Cream

Things you will need: 

Plain Yogurt/
Coconut Cream

Coconut oil for hair
Coconut Milk (optional)
Plain Yogurt/

Add the Coconut cream  and Coconut oil in a bowl/jar and slowly melt in the microwave or double boiler.

Add the yogurt to the mix when finish melting the coconut oil and cream and stir properly .

Then go ahead and start applying the mixture to your hair from roots to tips in section , and comb through with a fine tooth comb.

Let sit on your hair for at least 1 hours , this wont burn so the longer the better the result .

Wash with shampoo and conditioner

PS. This relaxer might only last 1-2 weeks. It also deep condition your hair making it healthier and softer

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  1. I actually watched a video where someone did this to their child. I think this should be called a deep conditioning. I love the ingredients. I wanted to use this on my daughter but couldn't find Coconut cream. *The hunt continues*

  2. It help loosen tightly coily/curly hair after a multiple application the better the result, and straighten curly hair Caucasian, it also deep condition your hair so that's a plus.. its worth trying for any hair type .

  3. Thanks for stating it can be used as a deep condition , added to post


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