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Natural Relaxer

frezzy hair, beautifull-hair.blogspot.comThese are the best Natural Relaxer  , frizz does not look good but help is here

1.Coconut milk : apply coconut milk to hair and let site for 30 minutes without heat

2.Olive oil relaxer : This olive oil natural relaxer will help to loosen your curl pattern , warm olive oil and massage into hair .

3.Coconut Cream Natural Relaxer : This is one of my favorite relaxer since started my transition . This act as a deep condition as well as loosen your curl pattern . I have already made a full article with recipe on coconut cream natural relaxer

4. Honey Natural Relaxer : This is also a very good natural relaxer , Honey will nourished and enriched your hair health and bring out your natural highlights .

Things you will need :
Honey 1 cup
Caramel 1/2 cup
Lemon Juice 1/2
Olive Oil 1/2

Measurement may vary depends on the length and thickness of your hair , let's go a ahead and start mixing our ingredients for this natural relaxer. In a large bowl add all ingredients and mix thoroughly . You can apply your natural relaxer mix  in sections or just go straight ahead and apply to your entire head from roots to ends . After your done applying the natural relaxer you can site back , and wait for 1 hour  then wash off your hair with shampoo and condition. This is a natural relaxer and will not harm your hair and remember it is not permanent.


  •  Natural Relaxer will have better result the more you apply it 
  • These natural relaxer are ideal for Caucasian with dry,curly and frizzy hair 
  • Works For all hair type , result will vary . 

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Natural Hair Relaxer: Olive oil

This is not as strong as chemical relaxer but will give you a loser result the more you do it .

All you will need is

1/4 Cup Olive Oil

Olive oil

Heat 1/4 cup of olive oil in the microwave  . When warm remove from microwave and start applying to hair . Be sure to thoroughly apply to entire length of hair . Take blow dryer and apply heat to towel, then wrap hair with warm towel . Wait for 2-3 hours the then rinse with mild shampoo or with just conditioner. The more you do this process the better your result will be each time .

Natural Hair Relaxer: Coconut Cream

Things you will need: 

Plain Yogurt/
Coconut Cream

Coconut oil for hair
Coconut Milk (optional)
Plain Yogurt/

Add the Coconut cream  and Coconut oil in a bowl/jar and slowly melt in the microwave or double boiler.

Add the yogurt to the mix when finish melting the coconut oil and cream and stir properly .

Then go ahead and start applying the mixture to your hair from roots to tips in section , and comb through with a fine tooth comb.

Let sit on your hair for at least 1 hours , this wont burn so the longer the better the result .

Wash with shampoo and conditioner

PS. This relaxer might only last 1-2 weeks. It also deep condition your hair making it healthier and softer

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