Black Girls Natural hairstyle

Big Curly Puff
Big beautiful curly afro , I would love to wear this style one day . This is for long 3b-4c hair texture . It is possible to do with other hair type if you do a blow out are something similar .

Tiny Afro
This is what a lot of woman refer to as Tiny Afro are Tiny Weeny afro on the left . Well if you are brave and bold enough to rock this style go for it :) .

Big Classic Afro below , this is what I call a  lot of hair and beauty . If you feel to just let your hair out then this if for you , simple and ready for a casual day .

Simple Classic Afro

Can achieve this style by simple washing you hair and then add styling gel and be off . Commonly called "wash N go" . Wash your hair , then apply oil are your leave in first and then apply your favorite styling gel . Some people will go straight ahead and just add gel after finish washing their hair . I would not make this a regular doing . 

The Perfect blowout

Beautiful blowout

Both of these lades are rocking blow out , both look so beautiful . These style are also easy to be copy . I would recommend you dont do this style regular because it does require heat .

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