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Formal hairstyles for medium hair

These are some formal hairstyles for medium hair for those special occasions. Having medium hair and still work it like you have long hair or short hair . Having length in the middle is not always a bad thing , when I was growing up I used to think it was the hardest but now i think it has its benefits , what do you think ?

 formal hairstyles
 Formal hairstyles

Formal hairstyles for medium hair
Formal hairstyles for medium hair

formal hair style

Valentine's Day Inspired Bantu Knot Out Curly Hairstyle

This Bantu Knot Out is done on my transition hair . Great Valentine hairstyles , soft bouncy curls .
I did not used any form of heat
Bantu Knot Out 

Step One
I wash my hair , I like doing styles on freshly wash hair

Step Two
Apply my leave in conditioner on all my hair at once

Then start parting my hair according to the size of knot I am going to make , apply moisturizer then add my essential oil .

Step Three
Begin to Make my Bantu Knots , I twist and then rap it around , repeat the process until your finish.

Step Four
Leave  hair and let it air dry , If done early and you get a lot of sun may be fully dry by bedtime or slightly damp . At this stage its your preference to used a hooded dryer are just sleep  I would rather just sleep on it .

Step Five
Next day  , take down the knots and style according

Note : I rather to make large Knots except for the two at the font of my head . Over all I may have 12 knots 6 on both sides . This last me up to 5 days without redoing at night  but as the day progress it hang more if you  like more length . 

If you have a more frizzy texture are too much shrinkage, you could blow dry before starting the knot are you could used styling gel/styling mousse for better result .

If you want more hold you can also used gel or mousse . I live in the tropics so I dont need those for this style. 

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Curly To Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs

I love bangs and I have bangs for most part of my life . I wear all kinda hair bangs , so maybe you will like these too. You choose bangs according to your face shape and our hair type . 

Side Bang
Side bangs can be very elegant and soft  , this is one of my favorite . 

Curly Blunt Bang
These bang can be romantic , sweet as you can see but also may not work with most face especially when still textured . 

Curly Blunt Bang

Side Bang

This is like  a bang of the past 
You would find these bangs more common in old TV shows . We dont see much of these today but some woman can still pull these off . 

Curved Bang
Curved Bang can compliment almost any face , gives a sweet soft look . 

Wispy Bangs
These are popular and they are generally thin . These are more versatile since they are thinner they can be pulled back in a pont tail at any time giving the appearance that you dont even have a bang . 

Brandy's Side Bang

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How To do a Braid Out on Transition Hair

Braid outs are great transition styles as it help to blend both texture of your hair . Braid out not only blend your two texture but also keep your hair stretch that reduce single strands knots .

 This is How I do my Braids Out on my transition hair .

Braid Out Result and definition

Products I used are the same as the ones I have always used

What you will need :
Leave in conditioner
Natural Oil
Spray Bottle  (optional )

Whenever I am doing my Braid Out I rather do it on freshly wash hair , if not I would used my spray bottle with plain water to damp my hair by section . I dont recommend doing braid out on dry hair if you really want definition that can last for days .

I then apply my leave in conditioner  ( Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch)  sometimes I would used my rinse out moisturizing conditioner . I apply this per braid .

I then apply my moisturizer , it could be water based are oil based . In this photo I am using my Oil based moisturizer ( Patine Oil moisturizer , Relax and Natural )  have been using that for the pass couple months and I will continue to its a staple for me  . You can used a moisturizer of your choosing .  Apply per braid .

Now the oil will seal my hair , then I braid that section . I used whatever natural oil I have at the time , could be , Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Virgin/Pure Coconut Oil , Vatika Oil ,  Carrot Oil, whatever you have  .

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Black Girls Natural hairstyle

Big Curly Puff
Big beautiful curly afro , I would love to wear this style one day . This is for long 3b-4c hair texture . It is possible to do with other hair type if you do a blow out are something similar .