Today I did another mini trim

Today I did another trim of about 2 inches . I am now 20 months post relax (hooray ) , my natural hair is crazy long and thick .  I was originally planning to go for two year transition time but since my relax hair is still pretty long (longer that my natural hair) I may go to three years without chopping just small trims until I am there .

I will not be doing anymore small trims until  am at the two year mark . I have not flat iron my hair since I started the transition process ad I will continue to not do so until I a completely natural . We can never know what the future holds as I may chop before three year but as of now that is my new goal ad I like a challenge.

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  1. I HOPE to make it 3 years as well but I just take it month-by-month. You seem to be doing very well! Question: how do you trim without your hair being straight or are you not concerned with making sure it I even since you don't straighten your hair?

  2. I dont mind if its uneven now, because I only wear it in curly styles so its not noticeable , my bangs are shorter than the rest of my hair . I also have a part in the back of where I trim the relax hair from to see its natural looks .

    How far is your transition ?


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