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Kinky curly knot today Leave In Conditioner/Detangler

I have finally tried the Kinky Curly Knot-Today  Leave In Conditioner/Detangler  after not caring for my hair for some weeks now ( awww ) . I wash my hair and notice I was getting knots and I have not gotten those in so long but I knew I was not doing what I should be doing for some time because of busy schedules  . So I decided to give this detangler  a try after hearing so much about it .

My Experience 

First time I used I was not very impress maybe because of the rave . On my second co-wash day I used again and this time I have better result , My hair was moisturized and had little to no resistance when being detangle and I have super curly hair  . My hair feel rejuvenated and back to its old self . 

Transition and natural hair care on a budget

Transition is the process/journey that your hair goes through, from being relaxed to natural. This process can be hard not just on your hair but also on hair products . You may feel excited about starting your new journey like I was but then after going through a lot of trial an error products you may want to start with making a budget, especially if you are not working.

Transitioning  on a budget may seem difficult at first, especially if you are a heavy spender . The truth is most product you will try won't really be necessary. If you are thinking of using natural hair products , you will find that most are a little more expensive than what you would normally use . Transition is the best time to experiment, but it can be costly, that is why a proper hair care budget is not a bad idea to keep in mind. My current hair care budget is only $10 a month.

Some tips for starting your journey to natural hair

Journey to natural hair tips you can do, you don

Try starting with a fresh cut or trim , to get a more even ends and also to remove any split ends you may have .

Start planning a regimen are you may need to adjust the one you have . If you are like I was in the beginning of my journey to natural hair I had no idea what was a regimen . See what is a regimen .

Today I did another mini trim

Today I did another trim of about 2 inches . I am now 20 months post relax (hooray ) , my natural hair is crazy long and thick .  I was originally planning to go for two year transition time but since my relax hair is still pretty long (longer that my natural hair) I may go to three years without chopping just small trims until I am there .

My Transition To Natural hair Update #2

I am 14 months post and will be 15 months post relax December . I am enjoying the new styles I have learned , before I would normally just do pony tail are wear my hair out now I can do braid out (my favorite) , twist out and others.

I am no longer feeling the urge to relax , that is a great achievement for me, because I am now managing my natural hair  . I have learn so much about my hair and all its behavior to certain products.

In the first couple months I wanted to relax because straight hair texture is what I am used to . 
I now understand my curly texture and I am full of different texture lol ...

I am currently experiencing some mild shedding but maybe its just my hair going through that final stage ( TELOGEN )  . I will continue to keep a close eyes on that .

I have a lot of product that I love so much , I keep rotating in between  my favorite products because I have so much  . My regimen is still pretty much the same , except because its now coming down to winter there are small changes I have made ( winter hair tips ) .

So I am still on my journey to 2 years transition .

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How far are you in your transition journey ? 

Transition to Natural Hair

transition to natural hair, black natural hair, Afro hair
Photo by  by nicodeme
 Transition to natural hair,  If your thinking of going natural here are a few tips and things to consider before making the leap

Why do you want to go natural?
What is your transition goal and length ?
What is my new regimen ?
What products will I used?

Transition to natural hair process can be the worse moment your hair will go through , sometimes I had my unpredictable hair day and those are the absolute worse . I cannot tell what my hair will do next , I cant even do my signature style most morning  :) . But its all worth it and you will see that after you become more comfortable as time goes on .

My Transition To Natural hair Update #1

Its has been a whole year since transitioning to natural hair, I started my transition journey the 5th of September 2011 . I started with thick color treated mid back length hair . The entire year I wanted to just relax and have straight hair again , but I had some YouTube inspiration that keep me going .

I have been keeping up with my  regimen , I had trial product in between my journey that also works great . Here are some pic of my hair texture .

All Picture are taken freshly wash with no product .

Front texture lose, wet shot