Some tips for starting your journey to natural hair

Journey to natural hair tips you can do, you don

Try starting with a fresh cut or trim , to get a more even ends and also to remove any split ends you may have .

Start planning a regimen are you may need to adjust the one you have . If you are like I was in the beginning of my journey to natural hair I had no idea what was a regimen . See what is a regimen .

Do research on various products , read reviews on products you are interested in buying . If you can buy small sample do that .

Follow and join hair resources such as blogs / website and watch videos on YouTube . There are numbers of blogs including that will assist you on your journey . We will be happy to assist you with any question you may have, so go ahead and comment are contact us through email .

After you have read all about transition you may be at the point now , wondering what hair style will be best for you . Some people will choose to transition with wigs , extensions, but personally I am not a  fan of those I much rather you get to know your own hair  and wear weave only to change things up. The journey to natural hair is a lot of fun so give your hair a chance :) . Here is a list of transition hairstyles

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  1. Great tips and I love the new layout!

    1. Thanks , LOL just decided to keep it simple :)


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