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 Transition to natural hair,  If your thinking of going natural here are a few tips and things to consider before making the leap

Why do you want to go natural?
What is your transition goal and length ?
What is my new regimen ?
What products will I used?

Transition to natural hair process can be the worse moment your hair will go through , sometimes I had my unpredictable hair day and those are the absolute worse . I cannot tell what my hair will do next , I cant even do my signature style most morning  :) . But its all worth it and you will see that after you become more comfortable as time goes on .

The good news is with proper planning you can set your transition to natural hair goal and reach there without losing much ends in the process. I am also transitioning and my hair routine and the hair tips I am about to give you are very easy , you will be on your journey in no time.

Patience will be most important for a successful transition , the longer and thicker your hair get the harder it might seems to de-tangle , learn how to wash your hair , and detangle . Not detnagiling will lead to breakage  .

Get inspiration from other naturals , whenever you start to doubt yourself go back and look at what you want . That is one of my biggest help throughout the process , I had to give myself constant reminder in the beginning of why am I about to go somewhere I have no clue about .

As time progress you will learn more about your hair and what it like. The best part about long term transition to natural hair is you get to know a little about your hair type  likes and dislike before chopping . So don't forget to experiment with new hairstyle and new products .

Keep your hair moisturized, finding the right moisturizer for your hair and oil to seal in the moisture . As I said before this is the time you will notice your hair needs. Some people can moisturized once a week others twice a weeks and some will have to do this every other day . Keep your hair moisturized this will keep your hair more manageable.

When I started I used my shampoo bi-weekly but that is not a good idea  especially when you are transition to natural hair , I had massive tangles because of my sulfate shampoo I was using twice a month . Sulfate shampoo will dry and tangle your hair . Avoid using shampoo if must used shampoo used a diluted shampoo preferable a mild shampoo maybe every  four to eight weeks during your transition to natural hair.

 Co-wash your hair more , this is the process of using your conditioner like a shampoo . Conditioner do not contain sulfate so your hair will be more moisturized and tangle free . Getting a mild sulfate free shampoo is higly recommended to get rid of product build up , can used it once a month all depends on how much product you used during the month .

Transition styles
During transition you will need style that will blend the new growth with your straight ends. Also you need style that will help protect your hair demarcation line .

Creating a Regimen

This may be challenging for most  , this is where you decide your routine for applying products. We all unique and our hair react differently to different products so what may work for someone wont necessary work for you.   Keep in mind that it is more important to used moisteure product than protein based products especially during a transition . Well creating a regimen is another topic . Those are my tips on transition to natural hair, hope it help and you can always leave me a comment  .

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