Transition and natural hair care on a budget

Transition is the process/journey that your hair goes through, from being relaxed to natural. This process can be hard not just on your hair but also on hair products . You may feel excited about starting your new journey like I was but then after going through a lot of trial an error products you may want to start with making a budget, especially if you are not working.

Transitioning  on a budget may seem difficult at first, especially if you are a heavy spender . The truth is most product you will try won't really be necessary. If you are thinking of using natural hair products , you will find that most are a little more expensive than what you would normally use . Transition is the best time to experiment, but it can be costly, that is why a proper hair care budget is not a bad idea to keep in mind. My current hair care budget is only $10 a month.

Tip 1 . Do not get  rid of your old hair products , you will notice that most of your current products will still work for your hair. When I started, I was tempted to get rid of all my hair products, but I didn't because  most my hair was still relaxed and then I realize you can still use your relax hair products .

Tip 2. If you trim regularly , learn to do it yourself . This will save you money on salon trips. Get rid of split ends this will

Tip 3.  I mention this before on an older post , request free samples if you can or buy a small sample size when trying out a new product , this will save you money .

Tip 4. Try not to get too excited about every new product suggested to you because not everything everyone else used will work for you . If you are looking for a new product its ok to read others  review of that product , that will help you in making a good choice .

Tip 5. Purchase products on sale, whenever your favorite product is on sale try to buy as much as you can . Also, this is  a good time to try out new products. You can find great deals on products online, especially certain time of the year.

Tip 6. Make a list of products you really need when practicing healthy hair care on a budget .I don't use a lot of products  or hair accessories, just the most necessary . Every now and then I will treat myself to something extra .

Tip 7. Last but not least , learn to mix your own products . You can find  a lot of things in your hair will love in your kitchen . There is a lot of hair recipe online, you can try this one Coconut milk Deep conditioning treatment . Creating your own products can save you some money . You can add oil to your conditioner, add water to your conditioner for a quick spritz moisturizing. These are some of the things I do and most of the product actually improved or last longer. There are plenty more you can experiment with such as using egg for protein treatment.

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