My 2013 Protein treatment Attempt

Its been a year ( maybe almost) since my last failed protein treatment , my hair was left feeling hard and tangled . I felt I may have left it on my hair for way too long so I make a few changes to match my hair type .

I used my homemade protein mix , this time I let it sit for no longer than 20 minutes , with shower cap without heat .

Wash my hairt with the V05 Moisture Milks twice

I then do a deep treatment with my rinse out conditioners mix with oil , the Vo5 Herbal Escape Moisturizing conditioner , Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner and  coconut oil . I mix them together and I let that sit for one hour on my hair with shower cap and no heat.

I then wash my hair with cool water and my hair was feeling soft, refresh and vibrant .

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