How to steps to Bleaching Hair at home

You may have Black or real dark brown hair and you are finally at the point that its clear you wont get a light hair tone ,like light brown ,golden blond are platinum without bleaching :(  because you have already try  . You may not want to do it at a salon because of bad experience are  might be too expensive . If not done correctly you may not get desire result . Here is a few tips

Bleaching Hair at home
How to Bleach hair at home
Things you will need when bleaching hair at home:
Bleaching kit
Applicator brush
Hair Color Remover (if not your natural color)

Now let us begin , be sure to check your bleaching kit Read the package to make sure that one kit will be enough to cover your hair length. If your not sure, buy a second kit so you won't run out while bleaching hair at home .

 We all know the effects of  bleach, if misused, it can burn, fry, break and even cause partial/total loss of hair because its harsh .

 If your hair is thin, coarse, dry,brittle,  or extremely soft and wavy, it is highly recommended that you consult an expert and get some advice are avoid bleaching your hair while it is in this state .

The first step when attempting to bleaching hair at home would be to strip your hair color ( If your hair has a light color or  light brown hair, or you have your natural hair color you do not need to strip you hair color first) then go ahead and bleached it once and then tone it to your desire shade . Now if your hair is too dark/orange/red you will need to bleach your hair twice. You can use a lightening tone 11 or 12 to help you get to at least an orangery tone before you use the other lightening powder to lift it to a pale yellow blonde. I personally usually stop at the orangery and tone with soft light brown or dark gold .My suggested color remover are :

Fallow package instruction and you will be ok .

I would not recommend you strip and bleach your hair it twice in the same day give your hair at least 2 weeks between chemical application but you do not want to wait too long because of roots . two weeks will allow you time to repair and prepare your hair for the next bleaching process . After the two weeks you will re-bleach it and tone it once more . You must get it first to orange, then to yellow, and then to a pale yellow in order to tone it with the color you want.

 If you strip your hair color then you will only bleach once on the same day as mention above and give your hair at least 2 weeks to bleach once again and tone . But if you have virgin hair you will be repeating the bleaching process twice in the same day that is step 1,2,3

Lets Get To It 

1) Mix you past in the proportion of half developer and half bleaching powder . Your hair must be dry when applying the past .Spread your newspaper on the floor to avoid messing up your floor .

2) Set your timer and then start at the ends of your hair and work your way up to the roots . The roots of your hair will lighten the fastest . Be sure not to miss a spot when applying the bleach to your head . Do not be alarm if it feels like its burning a little dont worry , for darker hair you will have to let the bleach sit on your hair longer but do not go over 40 minutes in my opinion . Check your hair whenever you feel its is finish and then go ahead and rinse if your ready .

3) Rinse your hair until water run clean,  go ahead and shampoo

4) Blow dry your hair


Very important step , this will get rid of that fake yellow blond look and give you that classy blond look you desire .

5) Buy the amount of toner depending on your hair length , I would suggest buying two just to be safe. Pour the contents of the toner bottle into your mixing bowl. The  toner should be one part toner to two parts developer. If your hair is very thick and long double everything mention above at this step .

6) Now apply toner to your hair thoroughly  , saturating be sure to massage into your roots . Leave on your hair for 30 minutes .

7) Rinse until water runs clean . Shampoo again with a regular are your color treated shampoo . Now deep condition with a protein based conditioner for 1 hour .

8) Blow dry and enjoy your fresh new look, because your worth it !! :)

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