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12 Pastel Hair Colors you might Want to Try

These are just a few of my favorite pastel colors ideas that you could tryout . These are really pretty and lots of colors to match your personality . If you are considering these trendy looks, here are a few ideas to give that beautiful fairytale look .

Kylie Jenner this girl made this style popular , this is not traditional look  . Her Black hair leading into the Aqua blue hair is beautiful . She is always beautiful in her medium length hair . Her beautiful tan skin shows you dont need to have super pale skin to rock these colors .

Kylie also rock pink shade , that is so light and pretty like a cotton candy .

Caring and maintaining platinum blonde hair

bleach blonde hair
platinum blonde hair 

How to care for platinum blonde hair 

1. Protein based shampoo

How to hydrate hair after bleaching

Some of us may face dry hair after bleaching it and this will lead to breakage and air thats just damage overall . The know "how to hydrate hair after bleaching" can save you a lot of hair  , especially these thing you can do yourself at home immediately after bleaching your hair . Do not attempt another color application until your hair bounce back to normal .

* If you were using shampoo with harsh ingredients , such as sulfate which will dry your hair out even more . These are three sulfate free shampoo you can give a try  .

Quantum Riveting Reds Color Replenishing conditioner

Quantum riveting reds color replenishing conditioner

Like the Quantum Riveting Reds Color Replenishing Shampoo the Quantum Riveting Reds Color Replenishing Conditioner is for your red hair color to last longer . This conditioner is affordable and can used daily .

  • Refreshes natural red tones to the hair
  • Moisturizes, strengthens and protects
  • Enhances and brightens red tones
  • Minimizes color fading

Quantum Riveting Reds Daily Color Refreshing Conditioner gently conditions, refreshing natural red tones to the hair while minimizing color fading. Infused with red hennas extract, UV protectant, vitamin C and wheat protein to enhance tones and keep red bright. Restores lost moisture to strengthen and protect from daily styling.

For daily use on all shades of red from Strawberry Blonde to Mahogany. For best results use with Quantum Riveting Reds Color Replenishing Shampoo .

Can be purchase online at are  Sallys

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Quantum Riveting Reds Color Replenishing Shampoo

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                                                              Quantum Riveting Reds Color Replenishing Shampoo

A must have if you want to maintain your beautiful new  red hair color . This will save you money in making in between trips to the salon .  When considering coloring your hair red / ginger this is a must have . 

How to color hair at home , Loreal Majirel color chart

majirel hair color chart

Kirsten Dunst Ginger hair with copper tones
Knowing to how to color hair  at home using  majirel hair color chart can save you in your pocket.  So I colored my friend hair red the other day, she loves the result and I just want to share some tips on how to color hair too . Coloring your hair at home can be easy .  I like putting  a lot of  research into my post so I would not have felt good writing anything . For this post I am focusing on achieving ginger / red, but it can be whatever color you desire. 

#1. Most important step in how to color hair is to be sure to, examine your hair, is it damage? What should be done before coloring it. To know more about this read how to  Prep hair for color/ bleach . 

loreal majirel color chart
Rihanna Red Hair
#2 . Moving on from the preparing stage now examines your hair color and skin tone. Getting the right shade to match your skin tone is also important. Examine your hair will help you to determine the final result , some darker hair people will tend to bleach their hair first (optional) and if you have blond hair you might want to darken your hair a little or color it orange first before dying it red  . Now you may begin looking at Loreal Majirel Color charts . 

Prep hair for color / bleaching

I wanted to make a full post about preparing  your hair before coloring it ever since I made the tutorial on
How to Bleach Your Hair at Home and Hydrogen Peroxide Hair Bleach . When choosing a desire color we might have to make some preparation before hand . I am not a stylist just sharing my knowledge :D . 

1#. Do the strand and allergy test

2#. Make sure your hair is in good condition . If your hair is thinning and damage be sure to take care of it   before thinking about putting such harsh chemical on it .

3# .  Give your hair some tlc before coloring such as , deep condition for couple day and hot oil treatment 3 days before dying your hair .

4#. Do not wash your hair on the day you plan to dye your hair or even the day before . The natural oil your hair produce is important to your scalp and hair health .

5# . Do you have any split ends , clip them off . If not they will look lighter than the erst of the hair and even more damage .

6#. You may need to strip your hair if you have dark hair dye ,you should buy a color remover .

7#. Last but not least choosing the right color that matches your  skin tone is important so get some sample hair color .

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Hydrogen Peroxide Hair Bleach

Hydrogen Peroxide Hair Bleach gives your a soft highlight .

First Step 

Get yourself a clean dark spray bottle , pour the   Hydrogen Peroxide   in it do not dilute .

Step 2 

Untangled your hair and used a comb to section it off, if your only doing some parts.

Step 3 

Apply the   Hydrogen Peroxide  on dry unwashed hair be sure to get it damp are saturate thoroughly . Let the hydrogen peroxide sit on your hair for 20-40 minutes depending on how dark your hair is or rinse when you reach the desire color . wash and deep condition you hair after ,the deep conditioning will keep  your hair from breaking and becoming dry .

How to steps to Bleaching Hair at home

You may have Black or real dark brown hair and you are finally at the point that its clear you wont get a light hair tone ,like light brown ,golden blond are platinum without bleaching :(  because you have already try  . You may not want to do it at a salon because of bad experience are  might be too expensive . If not done correctly you may not get desire result . Here is a few tips

Bleaching Hair at home
How to Bleach hair at home
Things you will need when bleaching hair at home:
Bleaching kit
Applicator brush
Hair Color Remover (if not your natural color)

Now let us begin , be sure to check your bleaching kit Read the package to make sure that one kit will be enough to cover your hair length. If your not sure, buy a second kit so you won't run out while bleaching hair at home .

 We all know the effects of  bleach, if misused, it can burn, fry, break and even cause partial/total loss of hair because its harsh .