Product Review: The Vo5 Moisture Milks Over Hype by Naturals

I bought  the Vo5 Moisture Milks some time ago I wanted to try this because I was hearing a lot of hype review all over . I know Vo5 products are normally products that work well for me but the Vo5 Moisture Milks  was no good . My hair did not like it , especially the natural texture of my hair , it was tangled up .

My hair has not been tangled for the longest time . I wanted to give my hair a clean wash to star off  winter .

It could be the Soy Milk protein in the shampoo , that result in my hair being tangled . I was lucky to not  have done any kinda protein treatment  before suing that shampoo. My hair clearly hates protein and I will just have to stay away from products with protein . I have a very rich protein diet so my hair dont need it on the outside because its already pack on the inside . Too much protein will cause protein over load and you do not want that .

So would I recommend Vo5 Moisture Milks : No  but we all have different reaction to different products so you can always give it a try to see if you may like it.

How many time did you try it : I used it to wash my hair twice and I will not give it another try . I will stick to my staple shampoo Tresemme .

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