My Hair Regimen


It as been couple years now since I have permanent color in my hair , and I still don’t seems to lose any ends . I don’t have a special way of doing my hair , but this is what I do

Wash Routine
>>I wash my hair once a month with water diluted shampoo
>> Deep condition for 1 hour under a hooded dryer with a plastic cap
>> I then used a hooded dryer to dry my hair/ air dry
>> I co-wash once a week, with a moisturizing conditioner
>> Deep Condition on damp hair, bi-weekly
>> I air dry my hair on my co-wash weeks
>> Moisturize and seal twice a week or whenever I feel to

Relax Routine
>> I relax every 6-8 weeks
>> My mother  usually apply my relaxer, Sometimes I would do it myself 
>> I clip/dust my ends every time I relax, you don’t have to but I do because my hair length is where I want it to be. If you want to reach a specific length only clip when necessary .

Transition Routine (current)

Deep condition once a week
Trim every 3-4 months
 Moisturize And Seal twice a week

Products I Am Currently Using 

See full list of products I have used throughout 2011-2012

Last Updates
Transitioning to natural hair 5/Sep/2012 one year mark

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