Products I Have Used Throughout 2012

I dont used a lot of product all at once like some people do, I switch back and forth between products  it all depend on my hair needs . I like to  finish whatever product I start using before buying a new replacement product lol . I mention sometime ago about my disappointment with the Vo5 moisture milk shampoo but I  have not used it to wash my hair from that time but I used it to wash my brush and combs. I have  not used any shampoo from the beginning of December .

I have two  bottle of moisturizer but I still have not start using the S-curls , and that is from December. I dont need to used  a lot of product , my hair is pretty moist for most part . I love the Pantene  Relaxed and Natural and I will be buying it again .

My main oils are , Castor Oil , Vatika Oil , Pure Coconut Oil , Olive Oil and Carrot Oil . I buy a variety of oils because I used each for different purpose , Read my post  which explained the different way I used each Oils, How I used Each Natural / Essential Oil  .

Most products I used through 2012 was carry over from 2011 , Moisturizer last me 4 months and Oils can last me more than 4 months each . Because I may used one Oil more than another the others could last me even up to 6 months .  My ecostyler Gel is now half and I have that from February 2012 , its the medium size bottle . I hardly used my motion Oil sheen spray because I try to minimize my use of products like that . So If I was to conclude how many times I have bought product per year I would go with only 2-3 times .

I also officially stop using grease , the last time I used it was in December right before a co-wash day . I will not be buying anymore hair grease in 2013 .

Products List 

Relaxed and natural daily oil cream moisturizer  , pantene (current )
EcoStyler Argan oil gel (current )
GroWorks Styling Mousse ( Finished )
Vo5 Herbal Escape moisturizing conditioner and shampoo (current )
Olive oil moisturizing growth lotion , by Africas  best (finished )
Tresseme Natural Conditioner (current )
Vo5 moisture milk Shampoo , soy protein(current )
Fantasia leave in moisturizer (current )
Motion oil moisturizing hair lotion (finished)
Motion extra conitioning oil sheen (current )
Organic kids dteangling moisturizer hair lotion , by africas best (finished )
Olive oil deep conditioner , by Africas  best (finished )
Creme of Nature Moisture Extreme Conditioner , (current )
Jamaica hair food (grease )
Jamaican Black Castor Oil (current )
olive oil (current )
coconut oil (current )
carrot oil (current )

I will follow up in February with progress picture of my transition and also some review of the products I have listed here .

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