Adding some change to my hair regimen

I am planning to make some change to my product staple , I will be trying out new products for the next six months. I am thinking of trying out the curly girl method are at least partially .

There are lots of silicone , sulfate free shampoo  and those other ingredients , like mineral oil etc .  Ill have to make all my purchase online since I cant find them so far at my local store .I want to try this shampoo

Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo

If you have tried it , how does it make your hair feel and your hair type . I have seen some good review so far and that is one of the reason I want to try it out . 

I have gather some new product already but have not start to used them as yet . I will make another post with the list I have and the ones I still want . 

Why am I making these changes ? well I am getting closer to being fully natural,  , I want to experiment some more to see my hair at all angles and its reaction to different product and methods . I think thats one of the most important reason for a transition to experiment . 

You can check out some of the products I have used and I will continue to used while I will replace some or just rotate some . 

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