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Adding some change to my hair regimen

I am planning to make some change to my product staple , I will be trying out new products for the next six months. I am thinking of trying out the curly girl method are at least partially .

There are lots of silicone , sulfate free shampoo  and those other ingredients , like mineral oil etc .  Ill have to make all my purchase online since I cant find them so far at my local store .I want to try this shampoo

Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo

Why I am hardly posting

I AM GETTING MARRIED , I have been engaged for a while now and the big date is finally around the corner . I want to have my wedding in Jamaica by all means , beautiful exotic island great for a destination wedding . We are getting ready to travel to Jamaica and meet with the wedding coordinator and do all we need to do,  in the next couple of weeks .

I am excited and I am enjoying every day that it get closer that is why I have not been updating as much as previous months .  I will not be updating as much throughout the entire wedding planning nor honeymoon , so it may be Christmas to new year week before I get back to updating as usual . I  will pop in every now and then if I do get the time but not making any promises lol.

My go 2 bun

I am not a fan of bun! especially neat bun, I like my hair bun to look messy or like its tucked under in a messy kind of way .

On these two pics below I used a clip to hold it in place , messy but still in place . The pic on the left I did give it more length to give it a pony tail impression and the other one I tuck it much more under to be sure none of my hair was touching my skin making it a more bun effect . Trying to find protective style that I like that match my personality . These two were old braid out .