My go 2 bun

I am not a fan of bun! especially neat bun, I like my hair bun to look messy or like its tucked under in a messy kind of way .

On these two pics below I used a clip to hold it in place , messy but still in place . The pic on the left I did give it more length to give it a pony tail impression and the other one I tuck it much more under to be sure none of my hair was touching my skin making it a more bun effect . Trying to find protective style that I like that match my personality . These two were old braid out .

In the picture below I just rap my hair and used bobby pins to hold it . I wanted to take more pic of this instead of just one webcam pic but I totally forget .

To sleek back my bun I used water and oil mix to stop my frizzes 
Castor oil or gel on my edges to keep them lying down throughout the day
You can used  brush , fine tooth comb to smooth your edges or your fingers . Just switch it up and not used one method all the time . 

My edges are not as thick as some people its just genetics and I cant really change that.

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