Simple pool side hair protection guide

Chlorine hair protection

Chlorine is on of the ingredients in pool that will cause your hair to dry out and become damage . Especially if you are someone that swim on a regular this will cause extreme damage to your hair . 

Tip # 1 . Get a rinse off from head to toe before going into the pool , your hair follicles will open up and take in the clean water from your shower so their will be less room for the chlorine to enter your hair . When your finish you should also rinse off again . 

Tip #2 . Massage conditioer on to your hair that contain silicone , look for this specific "dimethicone" .  Dimethicone is a natural ingredients that can be found in certain conditioner that help to smooth , detangle  your hair but diethicone will also act as a barrier temporarily in preventing chlorine water from entering your hair . This is great to keep around as your hair will be more manageable after your swim sessions . 

Tip #3. Clarify your hair with a homemade clarifying such as baking soda , vinegar or store bought clarifying shampoo to remove buildup . Do not over do this step . 

Tip #4 . Neutrogena Triple Moisture Recovery Hair Mask, this is on of my favorite hair mask for when your in need of  a lot of moisture . This will restore your hair moisture in 3-5 minutes and you can leave it as long as you feel . See review here 

Tip #5. HEALTHY SEXY SOY TRI-WHEAT LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER  this is a light leave in conditioner , great for fine hair . A leave in conditioner will help restore your hair natural ph balance . 

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