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Simple pool side hair protection guide

Chlorine hair protection

Chlorine is on of the ingredients in pool that will cause your hair to dry out and become damage . Especially if you are someone that swim on a regular this will cause extreme damage to your hair . 

Tip # 1 . Get a rinse off from head to toe before going into the pool , your hair follicles will open up and take in the clean water from your shower so their will be less room for the chlorine to enter your hair . When your finish you should also rinse off again . 

How to care for your hair in the summer

summer should always be fun

Some people might need to adjust their regimen
just a little when summer steps in. Here are a few guide you can follow .

1)Shampoo less

  If you're a person that shampoo once a week you might want to make that every two weeks.  Simple put, only shampoo twice a month .

2 )  Co-Wash

This is where co-washing might have to increase, you can use a cheap moisturizing conditioner for this. You can also just saturate your hair with only water while showering .

 3) Deep Condition

You might need to deep condition more frequently, so the average person might deep condition twice a month, if your hair feeling dry start to do this once a week. Do not attempt this with protein based deep condition, if you must use protein this summer do so once every six weeks, be sure to use a moisturizing base conditioner for all other occasion.

4) Leave in 

Apply leave in for extra moister every time you co-wash and wash your hair in the summer.

5) Moisturizer

Moisturize according to your hair type and feeling because you don't want to weight down your hair too much. You could alternate between lightweight spirits and a heavy cream moisturizer. Apply your favorite oil sealant .

6) Water

Simple! drink more water during the summer

7) Heat

You have enough sunlight so no excuses to use a blow dryer , when outside is so beautiful . So unless it is night , there is no need for blow dryer . Air dry more blow dry less .