Glycerin for Hair care

Glycerin is found in a lot of hair ad skin care product , such as shampoo and and liquid soap . Glycerin is hygroscopic , meaning it will absorb moisture from its surrounding , this is why its excellent for keeping hair and skin moisturized .

Vegetable Glycerin benefits

  1. Glycerin can help to strengthen the hair and aid in the prevention of split ends 
  2. Because Glycerin help in keeping hair moisturized  you will have more length retention 
  3. Vegetable Glycerin will really help dry brittle hair .
Note * 

Glycerin is not recommended for people with normal or oily hair type. 
If you live in extreme dry weather avoid using glycerin it can dry your hair out even more . 

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  1. I could say that glycerin indeed helped my hair a lot. At first, I don't want to believe that one of glycerine uses is to sure hair.


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