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Glycerin for Hair care

Glycerin is found in a lot of hair ad skin care product , such as shampoo and and liquid soap . Glycerin is hygroscopic , meaning it will absorb moisture from its surrounding , this is why its excellent for keeping hair and skin moisturized .

Vegetable Glycerin benefits

Olive Oil in skin care

Olive Oil skin care benefits

Olive oil is very popular and well known natural oil that a lot of people cook with. Olive oil is not only inexpensive and but as I mention before good enough for to consume .

Olive oil is moisturizing for hair and skin, better to used extra virgin olive oil for all the maximum  benefits. Olive oil can rejuvenate dry skin just apply directly to your skin.

Benefits of Water to the skin

Benefit of Water to the skin
Benefits of Water to the skin

Other than the obvious that water help to sustain life , the benefit of water extend to the skin .

The skin is the biggest organ and its is most visible , we can look at our skin and can notice something that are needed .

The skin can become dehydrated from not drinking enough water daily , the skin will become dry , dull , and sometimes even crackly . Drinking adequate amount of clear clean water will help the skin be more healthy , moisturized and younger looking .

Shea Butter for beautiful skin

We all want beautiful skin but only some have naturally beautiful skin while other hide behind make-up . I love to keep my skin free from make-up and one of my homemade remedy is shea butter , it helps with keeping my entire body smooth and soft . If you have not known already shea butter have multi benefits and its inexpensive with a naturally nutty fragrance. Wanting that healthy skin that glow naturally , you should try using raw shea butter daily .

3 Ways to Reduce Large Pores size

Reducing large pores can be  a challenge for some , especially if you have acne skin . Reducing large pores can also help in getting rid of acne  .

1 . Keep your face clean , wash your face twice a day to keep it clean so the pores will stay small . Keeping your face clean will keep bacteria , dirt and oil at bay , which cause pores to become large .

Do not over wash this will cause harm .

Product Review : Clean and Clear Black Head Eraser

Product Reviews : Clean and Clear Black Head Eraser Product Features

  • See fewer blackheads in just two days
  • Salicylic Acid (2%)
  • Gently exfoliates to lift away dirt and oil
  • Oil-Free
See fewer blackheads in just two days! Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrub has unique exfoliating multi-action beads that work to gently remove the trapped dirt, oil, and dead skin that can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Three sizes of multi-action beads allow surface exfoliation and a deep down clean. Salicylic Acid, an acne fighting medicine, clears blackheads and helps prevent new ones from forming.

How do you get rid of acne

how do you get rid of acne, prevent acne ,
Rid of acne

The general info is that the over active hormone (testosterone) start to occur during puberty and follow some people up to adulthood. The over active hormone cause the skin to produce more sebum oil than the regular amount , this amount will clog the skin  .

Not everyone has acne free face , so if you have acne prone face you will have to do the things necessary to keep your complexion clean and clear and rid of acne  .

General tips on how to prevent acne

Tip number 1

2 Easy homemade facial mask for oily skin

Recipe # 1
Banana Facial Mask


2 tbsp honey
1 Ripe Banana
Few drops lemon juice

Vitamin k and retinol cream for dark circles

These are the perfect cream for dark circle , Puffy eyes, Spider vain and  even wrinkles  that make you look older .A lot of product out there but they all do not work  the best way to fight these blemishes  to not only used cream that moisturized but with vitamin k and retinol as active ingredients .  Here I gather a list of some of the best product.

Lift and Lighten Eye Cream by MD Skincare
This help and fix leak blood vessel, also the Chelators found in Lift and Lighten remove Calcium build up around the eyes deposited there from tap water. This cream improves the health and appearance of the skin around the eyes.

Anti-Puff Eye Cream by Clark’s Botanicals
 Product Description
This cream reduces swelling around the eye and gets rid of dark circles. Smooth, soften and brighten under eyes with Clark’s Botanicals Anti-Puff Eye Cream. A potent concentration of active botanicals and vitamins specifically target stubborn puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines under the delicate eye area. Additionally, this luxurious eye cream is formulated with Jasmine Absolute, an essential oil that provides anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and immuno-stimulating benefits.

Dr. Varon’s Daily Moisturizing Cream with Glucosamin-K
This product has 24 ingredients include vitamin K and Retinol, best used during the day.
Wild Plum Eye Cream by Eminence
This help to reduce wrinkles and nourish the skin, this product consist of natural ingredients include vitamin K and A. This eye cream heals and then moisturizes the skin so it is left clean and healthy by removing bacteria.

Natural skin lightening remedies : Lemon Juice

natural skin lightening remedies
natural skin lightening remedies

Getting that even skin tone is what we all want , but natural skin lightening remedies is the safest way . Though natural skin lightening remedies may take sometime to have noticeable result than commercial bought product . Lemon juice are one of those natural skin lightening remedies that can remove are at least reduce the appearance of age spot , acne scars and sun tanned .