How do you get rid of acne

how do you get rid of acne, prevent acne ,
Rid of acne

The general info is that the over active hormone (testosterone) start to occur during puberty and follow some people up to adulthood. The over active hormone cause the skin to produce more sebum oil than the regular amount , this amount will clog the skin  .

Not everyone has acne free face , so if you have acne prone face you will have to do the things necessary to keep your complexion clean and clear and rid of acne  .

General tips on how to prevent acne

Tip number 1

Keep your face clean , wash your face everyday with mild acne soap or gentle facial wash for your skin type . Rinse with lukewarm water . Do not wash your face more than twice a day , that will make it dry and produce more oil .

Tip 2

Avoid scrubbing or rubbing the face , gentle massage the soap into circular motion onto the face to avoid irritation . Using a cleanser will also help get rid of acne, apply cleanser to face and massage and rinse with lukewarm water and gentle pat dry .

Tip 3

Don't pop your pimples ,if you want to get rid of acne popping pimples can lead to more acne since pimples contain bacteria . Popping pimples may cause the bacteria to enter other pores and spread the acne .This is an important rule no matter how tempting it may feel .

Tip 4

Another way to  prevent acne is to avoid touching the face , especially with dirty hands . Even if you wash your hands it never fully clean and you will be wiping dirt and oil back to your face . That will spread the bacteria instead of the rid of acne .

Tip 5

how to prevent acne , rid of ace
Drink enough water , your body need adequate amount of water to function properly . Drink up to 8-12 glass of water per day . Eight to nine glass of water for female and up to 12 for male will be enough to keep your organs healthy . Avoid sodas and milk , recent study show that milk help produce the male sex hormones testosterone .

Tip 6

Start using cleanser that contain Salicylic Acid, this is an effective acne treatment that  will help get rid of acne . Also cleanser with benzoyl peroxide , do not use in high dosage it will irritate skin . If you are experiencing irritation avoid using any of these and used a more gentle product  .

You can also try using Aspirin , crush some aspirin tables until powdery with little drop of water to make a paste . Apply aspirin directly to the pimples and let dry .
Oil free cleanser ,rid of acne

Tip 7

Eat healthy , eat more fruits and veggitables and less sugar . Eat food rich in Omega-3 this is healthy fats that will help you prevent acne or help get rid of acne by promoting healthy cell growth . If you cannot eat healthy take your vitamins . 

Tip 8 

Get yourself a toner , this will help shrink your pores and wipe away dirt and oils . However caution when using toner that contain alcohol as this may dry out your face which will cause your skin to produce more oil .      Chose toner with low alcohol . 

Tip 9 

Get some sleep , if you are not getting enough rest you may become stress and stress contribute to breakout . Sleep will help your hormone levels to get back in order . Do more activity that will help release stress such as yoga . Proper night rest and some yoga is one of the best way on how to prevent acne . 

Tip 10 

Keep your hair from your face , your hair may be dirty and oily and that will contribute to more nasty acne . Avoid putting your face on dirty surface such as your pillow , change your pillow case regularly to help get rid of acne . 

Those are my ten tips to help you get rid of acne and some on how to prevent acne from coming back . 

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