Hair Accessories : Braided Headband and Hairstyles

These are cute and fashionable , work well with all occasion . Here are some different kind of hairstyles that you can chose when wearing these hair bands . These French Braid Hairbands are suitable for all type of hair , rather long are short.

braided headband, braided hairband

Hot Oil Treatment

Hot Oil Treatment is just as the name said , hot oil lol ... I was first introduce to hot oil treatment when I was relax ( currently transitioning ) , I would do this treatment on relax days and maybe sometime  I would put it off to two weeks post relax . The brand hot oil treatment I used back then was V05 , I would massage it in my hair and then let it sit for 10 -15 minutes under a hooded dryer with shower cap , sitting under the dryer is optional .

What it does/ Benefits 

Hot oil treatment is for damage are dry hair , damage that result from chemical application such as relaxers, color and also from heat styling tools . This will make the hair more healthy and beautiful . Hot Oil treatment  condition the hair and gives it extra moisture . The hot oil will help repair damaged and weak hair when each strands receive the oil also it will help to prevent breakage , dryness , frizz and it help to give your hair shine . 

Black Girls Natural hairstyle

Big Curly Puff
Big beautiful curly afro , I would love to wear this style one day . This is for long 3b-4c hair texture . It is possible to do with other hair type if you do a blow out are something similar .

How to Make Your Straight Hair Beautiful and Shiny

Shiny hair , long hair , straight hair, silky hair , beautiful hair
Beautiful and Shiny

To help your straight hair from looking limp and dead , follow these step to bring that vibrant color and bounce into your hair .


>I mention this many time , used direct heat styling tool less . Too much heat will dry out the hair and make it look dull and dead .

Quantum Riveting Reds Color Replenishing conditioner

Quantum riveting reds color replenishing conditioner

Like the Quantum Riveting Reds Color Replenishing Shampoo the Quantum Riveting Reds Color Replenishing Conditioner is for your red hair color to last longer . This conditioner is affordable and can used daily .

  • Refreshes natural red tones to the hair
  • Moisturizes, strengthens and protects
  • Enhances and brightens red tones
  • Minimizes color fading

Quantum Riveting Reds Daily Color Refreshing Conditioner gently conditions, refreshing natural red tones to the hair while minimizing color fading. Infused with red hennas extract, UV protectant, vitamin C and wheat protein to enhance tones and keep red bright. Restores lost moisture to strengthen and protect from daily styling.

For daily use on all shades of red from Strawberry Blonde to Mahogany. For best results use with Quantum Riveting Reds Color Replenishing Shampoo .

Can be purchase online at are  Sallys

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My Transition To Natural hair Update #2

I am 14 months post and will be 15 months post relax December . I am enjoying the new styles I have learned , before I would normally just do pony tail are wear my hair out now I can do braid out (my favorite) , twist out and others.

I am no longer feeling the urge to relax , that is a great achievement for me, because I am now managing my natural hair  . I have learn so much about my hair and all its behavior to certain products.

In the first couple months I wanted to relax because straight hair texture is what I am used to . 
I now understand my curly texture and I am full of different texture lol ...

I am currently experiencing some mild shedding but maybe its just my hair going through that final stage ( TELOGEN )  . I will continue to keep a close eyes on that .

I have a lot of product that I love so much , I keep rotating in between  my favorite products because I have so much  . My regimen is still pretty much the same , except because its now coming down to winter there are small changes I have made ( winter hair tips ) .

So I am still on my journey to 2 years transition .

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How far are you in your transition journey ?