Purple Hairstyles Ideas

Here are some bright and bold purple hair colors . Purple hair and lips are very trendy since 2014-2016 and may even go over to 2017 . I think these color had so much vibrancy and life to any ordinary hairstyle making it more interesting .  

To achieve these color there are a few option , I would suggest getting a spray color which will be temporary , buy a wig/braid in the color and for a more permanent effect then you get a perm dye . 

So here is a wide variety of list , I am sure you will see something you will like . 

1. Purple Syntactic Braid 
Beautiful purple braids

2. Light two tone purple , mermaid like . I really love the curls format . 

Pastel purple hair

3.  Soft curls , with a few different purple shades 

4. Loose Curls , Purple more on the front of the hair 

5. Formal hairstyle with boldness . Purple with a touch of pink shade . 

Beautiful formal purple hairstyle

6. Mystical purple hair  

7. The sleek and straight , this is edgy and beautiful  

8. Soft loose waves  this is such  a romantic look , gorgeous !

9. The edgy cool girl 

10 . Very light pastel purple hair 

11. Two beautiful colors that really complimented each other , the purple the shade of blue . 

12. Braid out , with lovely define waves , frizz free 

13. Curly afro , so cute 

14 . Doll like look , light pastel hair with bang. 

Other hairstyles to check out :

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