12 Goddess Braids Ideas

The Goddess Braids style is popular among black woman . These hairstyles can be achieve with rocking your natural hair or add a little extra by using weave . These hairstyles have been around for ages and still going , popular among most celebs even Kim Kardashian is getting in on it .  So want some new sassy creative ideas here are a few to consider . 

12 Amazing Goddess Braids Inspiration hairstyles Styles . 

1: Kinky Marley Twist 

12 Goddess Braids hairstyles
Chic Goddess Braid hairstyle

This is a real pretty Braided twist . Long Black Godesss braid , done in small medium section . Her hair is beautifully done and with the right make-up choice to top it off. Source

2. Banana Braids

Goddess Braids
Cute Banana Goddess Braid

This braid has similarity to that have a regular cornrow braid but stars thin and get thicker as it goes . I love how she made the baby hair at the front , very nicely done , if you dont know what is a baby hair it is the small hair at your hairline . 

3: Formal Updo

12 Goddess Braids

This is a elegant updo , great for formal occasion . Makes a great wedding hairstyle  , the parts are clean and neatly done . This stunning look is super chic and a great natural hairstyle . Be sure to have your hair in healthy condition so its right and shiny . 

4. Large Cornrow

Goddess Braids ideas

These large braids are more commonly seen , they are simple , neat , casual  African hair Braiding. Smooth edges and when done properly leave a great finish , like the image above . Again Keep your hair in good health for better finish result . 

5 . 4 Large Braid

large Goddess Braids
Long Large Goddess Braids 

Also another option for wanting a cornrow style hair , neat , casual and beautiful all in one . This is quite similar to number 4 but just that it does not go straight back  and you can see why I love this one as well  its cute and simple , I think you will like it too . 

6 . Jumbo Goddess Braid 

Jumbo Braids

These are done in large section , to protect your hair from the weight but still give you a great hairstyle . You should be sure your hair is in great condition and not falling out  , if you are having any kind of hair fall , i would suggest avoiding this hairstyle as it may weigh on your hair especially those with fine hair types . 

7 . Long black Box Braid

Long black Goddess Braids
Long black  Braids 

This is more trendy and was quite popular some time in the 90s but still rocking today  .  Long hair with fine ends and a bit more chunky at the roots  . Beautiful style to give  try . 

8 . Center Part Braid

Long black Goddess hairstyles

This long braided hair has a nice casual simple youthful look to it  . The look of this is fresh and great elegant ad was neatly done . The parted sections were done in a uniform pattern .

9. Top Coiled Braid Style 

 Braided hairstyles

This is quite sophisticated but still eddy , this screams class and confident . This is not a common way of styling box braid . Beautifully done and I like it  .

10 . Two tone blonde and Black 

 Goddess two color Braids hair

This is modern and edgy  you will see a lot of Instagram Baddie rocking African hair Braiding like this . I think the two tonne give this Goddess braid hairstyle a extra hump 

What Most of these hairstyles has in common ? They are protective style  so you can give your hair a break and look chic and elegant in any of these 10 Goddess Braids Hairstyles Ideas  . 

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