CHI Silk Infusion Review

CHI Silk Infusion in Multiple Sizes and Packs

I have used  this a few times and I decided to finally made a review because I wanted to make a review after multiply uses . Making a  review after one used sometimes dont justify the product . .

I know this was a good product before buying it , my cousin used it as her main heat protectant .and her hair is a amazing and I just had to try it.

 First time I used this product , I used too much product because I was afraid of getting any heat damage and my hair did not felt  as great, I had used too much product . So on my second attempt I got it just right , you cannot used too much of this . Used just the right amount of Chi Silk Infusion will leave you're hair feeling soft , smelling so good , shine and most important protected from heat damage .

This product is also affordable so if you are interested in finding out more about this heat serum click on the link below
 CHI Silk Infusion in Multiple .

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