Hair Food in your kitchen

hair prod diy

Looking for natural ingredients that you're hair will love , sometimes you don't need to go much further that you're kitchen cabinets .

Things you can find in you're kitchen that you could used all year round . Such as oils, these oils are delicious in our meals but also great for our hair . Olive oil and coconut oil are two of the most common oil you will find in most kitchen .You're hair will love you for using these , you can used them separate or you can mix them together .
You can add oils to your Pre-poo treatment  , do hot oil treatment and many more things .

Mayonnaise , yeah the ingredients you love on you're burger .  Mayonnaise is a nice conditioner for your hair . Natural ingredients you eat almost everyday . Eggs are natural protein source for the body and hair . If you read my other post you could see how to combine these to make your own at home deep conditioner here

Banana is another nutritious fruit we have in our kitchen and easy to come by . You can make your own at home hair mask using banana . Here is a a DIY recipe I came across and I really like and my hair enjoy. All the ingredients are natural thats a plus for the recipe click here 

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