3 Years Length Photos

These were taken from September, but i was too busy to even get around posting them . I wanted to flat iron but it was too much for me so it was just blown out . I will need a professional to do it for me I December or so .

Its official its 3 years

Its that time !! officially 3 years since my transition journey begins . I think it was smooth and the time went by really fast  .

I am happy to say I was able to wear my natural hair throughout the three year , I didnt wear any wig or braids  because thats not me but if you have to you should . Everyone journey is different and our hair reacts differently  , so always listen to your hair . What I did in the beginning is keep the ends of my hair tuck under in a messy bun styles but I do not do that anymore , what I do now is wear my hair out almost everyday  , I love showing it off,  big,  nice and fine :D !!

I am planning to flat iron my hair sometimes next week to celebrate my 3 years transition anniversary . Now should I cut the ends off is still a little up in the air for me because I dont mind it but I dont need it anymore  . I have enough natural length . I may cut first then flat iron and hopefully this time it will not be a big poof lol .

Transition Pics update

These were taken this month ( webcam)  , sometimes last week . I am almost at the 3 years mark , ill attempt to flat iron my hair sometime next month . 

Transition 35 month

You can check out my other transition posts  because I will soon be fully natural and the new journey will begins :) . 

TRESemme Smooth and Silky Anti-Frizz Secret Cream

This little product here , I like so much , not love but like. It really does work on frizz , making your hair much more silky the only downside is the smell , I dont like so much  also  if your looking something more natural this would not be the one for you . There are other products out there that can give you better or equal result but this one is not bad and its worth a try . It also claimed to  keeps your hair ultra-smooth for up to five washes . I have not washed my hair 5 times yet so cant say for sure . If you have tried this you can leave a comment below letting me know your result . 

Image is not mine 

Tangle Teezer

I was never a fan of those kind of  Tangle Teezer but I have heard so many good things about them . I decided to give it a  try , its summer and I wanted some new hair tool . I am amazed with this little product . It takes a little while getting used to for me because I was a bit skeptical but after 5- 10 minutes I have no problem using it . This little product works like a charmed .

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Lots of compliments towards my hair

Everywhere I go these days my hair gets a lot of positive attention . Last week was just amazing since more than one ladies stop me and ask me what I do to my hair and how can they do it . This particular girl was saying she wants to go natural but she she is afraid to big chop , I told her to transition thats what I did and still doing util September . I was thrill to just sit with her and introduce her to some of my favorite products .

It is so nice to be getting all the positive reaction , it shows that we are really growing as a people .

OMG its almost 3 years already

I wish I had some photos to show you have my progress but my computer system was fried and I lost all my pictures :( . I made no back up and now I have no pictures to show throughout my absent . I am back now as I am more settle into things .

I will make it up to you by putting together some pictures and more tips for the summer . I will try to make the tips available this week .

It will be 3 years September since i started my transition , I have come so far and i am just at a wow right now .

If your thinking of transitioning you are in a good place to start , also it may seems long but time will just flew by like that .

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First flat iron failed

Since I started my transition I have never flat iron my hair .So my hair was ore unruly than I though lol.  This is what I did :

I wash my hair
I then let it air dry until it was aleast 70%
I used olive oil as my heat protectant

This ia a real bad quality webcam picture .

31 months post relaxer

Its been a while since I did a personal update well, I am now 2 years and 7 months post relaxer and still going strong. I mention in most of my hair update that I am going for the 3 year mark and I am so close now, hooray!! .

What I have found out about my hair is that is getting more and more define as it grew . I think it could do with the fact that it's hanging more and most my products are natural.

Ok, so what I have been using since my last update?

Well, I have been only been using conditioner the tresemme natural, Vo5 conditioner,  ecostyler gel and a mixture of natural oils.

I find that I don't really need anything else and my hair is always well moisturized. I am surprised I could only use the little product and my hair is reacting so well to the little products .

My current routine

I co-wash once a week
Used conditioner and then apply oil and that is it

I do this once or twice a week depending on my hairstyle

Cocoa butter for hair

Cocoa butter has a lot of benefits for hair, but in this post I will give you the ingredients I used to make my own .

You will need raw cocoa butter bars
Olive oil
Coconut oil
Honey (optional)

How to make flaxseed hair gel at home

Flaxseed gel is simple and easy to make , great for natural curly hair as it helps define your curls without becoming hard and its 100 percent natural. This gel can be used on nay hair type .

Things you will need
1/4 cup Flaxseed
1 1/2 cups water
Essential oils (optional)
Container with a cover

How to apply natural henna

When applying natural henna, you should know its really messy and it can take a long time to set .

Things you will need

Pack of Henna mix according to your hair length
Newspaper (or you can apply it in your shower instead)
Plastic wrap
Shower Cap

Some henna hair benefits

Henna is not just like any other hair dye, henna is natural and it can be very messy when applying. Henna will not damage the hair like most dyes, it will coat the hair with keratin as it conditions the hair making it volumust and shine. It has been around forever and it has been used to make hair healthier, shinier and for some woman even thicker.
henna hair benefits
Henna powder

Henna hair Benefits

Henna conditions the hair, using henna on  a regular basis will make your hair stronger and thicker. Henna binds the keratin in the hair that creates a protective layer on the hair strands that protect it from damage. Henna makes an excellent choice when choosing a natural conditioner that will last much longer time than some other hair conditioning products .

Steaming your natural hair without a steamer

Hair steamers helps the hair follicles to receive all the benefits of deep conditioning treatments .You may want to steam your hair  but don't want to run out and get a steamer. Steaming your hair reduce and stop split ends. 

1. Damp your hair

2. Apply your conditioning treatment, olive oil is a good choice but there are many more options.

3. Soak a towel in water then place in a microwave for 2 minutes until warm

4. Place a shower cap over your head 

5. Put towel over head (that is, over the shower cap) 

6. Now place as a second shower cap over the towel.

7. Sit under a hooded dryer for 20-30 minutes 

Transition and natural hair care on a budget

Transition is the process/journey that your hair goes through, from being relaxed to natural. This process can be hard not just on your hair but also on hair products . You may feel excited about starting your new journey like I was but then after going through a lot of trial an error products you may want to start with making a budget, especially if you are not working.

Transitioning  on a budget may seem difficult at first, especially if you are a heavy spender . The truth is most product you will try won't really be necessary. If you are thinking of using natural hair products , you will find that most are a little more expensive than what you would normally use . Transition is the best time to experiment, but it can be costly, that is why a proper hair care budget is not a bad idea to keep in mind. My current hair care budget is only $10 a month.

Cute Asian hairstyles

cute asian hairstyles

If you are looking for a cute modern Asian hairstyle, here are a few you could try. I am a big fan of cute Asian hairstyles , rather be long or nice scissors cut .

Cute Asian haircuts
Modern Japanese haircut

Formal hairstyles for medium hair

These are some formal hairstyles for medium hair for those special occasions. Having medium hair and still work it like you have long hair or short hair . Having length in the middle is not always a bad thing , when I was growing up I used to think it was the hardest but now i think it has its benefits , what do you think ?

 formal hairstyles
 Formal hairstyles

Formal hairstyles for medium hair
Formal hairstyles for medium hair

formal hair style